Why Does Everyone Think the Market Will Crash in January 2014?

In conspiracy circles, there is a lot of fingers being pointed to early 2014 as a moment that everyone has long feared…the next stock market crash.  The idea behind this date in particular revolves around the idea of a bubble.  To make a long story short, the bubble means that we are being led to believe that things are going well, but really, a whole lot of bad news is being swept under the rug.  January 2014, according to some wannabe experts and theorists, is the date in which the rug simply can’t handle anymore things to cover up and that’s when the metaphoric bubble bursts.

While the doomsday theories are pretty easy to come by on the Internet, few people take the time to try to visually articulate just how the bubble was created and why it has now expanded to the breaking point.  The following video is not going to be airing on any mainstream media source now (or ever for that matter), but the fellow that created the video obviously is passionate about this and shows some interesting information that does help us to understand why there is so much consternation about this date.

Will it happen?  We don’t know, and it’s quite possible that no one out there really does.  Should you start stockpiling for a financial apocalypse?  Well, at the very least, if you believe in the concept of the bubble, well, it has to burst some time.  Even if it’s not January, it can only keep going so far, so if you are convinced that the crash is inevitable, this is as good a time as any to take action.