Santa Claus Believes in Global Warming! Save Santa’s Home or Else!

Greenpeace is taking their global warming campaign to a new disturbing high with this all-new video that directly targets children.  The concept:  Santa Claus is in mortal danger because of global warming and the effects that it is having on his home, the North Pole.  The video is not whimsical.  It is a hard-hitting fact-less bombardment of your children to convince them that the terrible things their mothers and fathers (and themselves, for that matter) are doing are threatening the very life of Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and all of the elves.

So, what’s the conspiracy?  Well, quite frankly, what could possibly be the motivation for trying to appeal to people young enough to believe in Santa Claus when they obviously can’t do much about the problem?  The idea is simple…children grow up to be adults, and if they can implant into their minds at a young developmental age that global warming not only exists but is threatening some of their favorite fictional characters, then those children can be future front-liners for future Greenpeace initiatives.

It’s not that global warming doesn’t make any sense.  Pretty much everyone believes that burning stuff and releasing chemicals into the atmosphere at the rate humans are doing it is bound to have negative effects.  The main problem with the global warming debate revolves more around how far this damage is and how fast it is increasing.  Also, there is plenty of speculation on both sides about what it means for the future and where we should all go from here.  Still, to use fictional characters to try to convince young ones to believe in something without relevant facts…well, that’s what makes Common Sense Conspiracy your best friend.  Anyway, whatever you believe, here’s Santa with a sobering message this Christmas: