Radiation from Fukushima Hits San Francisco Beach

Many of you have been following the ongoing story about the Fukushima nuclear power plant that was heavily damaged during a powerful earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  The plant made international news for a time as Japanese engineers and eventually help from across the globe worked day and night to try to stop a nuclear situation that was reaching the level of some of the worst nuclear-related catastrophes in the world history.  However, the mainstream media quickly shifted its eye elsewhere, and little has been reported in the news about Fukushima, despite the fact that many alternative news sources continue to report that Fukushima is a very real problem that has most definitely NOT been solved.

This video posted to YouTube on December 23, 2013 is a reminder of the sobering reality of what happened at Fukushima and why it is an international problem, not a Japanese or even Asian one.  Now, of course, one cannot confirm reports like this, but the video does an excellent job of showing what seems to be an increase in radiation in the waters off of San Francisco.  What do you think?  Are we being told everything we should about Fukushima?  Is Japan keeping it secret?  Or is this a worldwide cover-up?  And will it mean for Americans in 2014?