Phil Robertson Kicked Off of Duck Dynasty for Expressing Anti-Gay Opinions — The New Chicken Sandwich

Well, we won’t bore you by rehashing the story.  The mainstream media machine is all over this, and you will be hearing around the clock about the horrible Phil Robertson and all of the terrible things that he has said about the gay and lesbian community and how A&E has stepped forward to do the “right thing” by suspending him from the program that makes them millions upon millions of dollars.  What we want to do here at Common Sense Conspiracy is present a few observations surrounding this incident and what it means on a grander scale, and then we will give our readers a sounding board to let everyone know how they feel about it.

Phil out hunting for homosexuals.
Phil out hunting for homosexuals.

A lot of people are getting behind Phil.  There are countless Facebook pages supporting him and chastising A&E for what they did.  There are threats on Twitter of organized boycotts until Phil comes back to the show.  There are plenty of allusions to freedom of speech and even more to the Word of God and Christianity as a whole.  Well, on the one hand, it does seem pretty messed up that A&E would turn their back on this guy over saying basically that he thinks homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God as he sees it.  After all, Duck Dynasty is pretty famously about some deeply religious people.  There has been plenty of conspiracies about A&E bleeping out Jesus Christ in the program when it was used as a matter of course and not as a curse.  If you are televising a family of people that you know are all about the Bible and Christianity, you already kind of have to tip your hat to what they believe.

Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin.  They believe this because it says so in the Bible, and if you truly are a Christian, then the Bible is your final word on pretty much all matters.  A lot of people use that as their argument.  However, we’ve talked on here before about how you can’t argue that to an atheist.  Saying that Phil is in the right because the Bible says so too is not going to convince any of the millions of people in America that don’t believe in anything.  So, those people are taking the wrong angle.  It may be fulfilling in and of itself to support Phil if you’ve made it into a God versus Satan issue in your own eyes, but it’s not actually going to accomplish anything in general.  So, the next issue is freedom of speech.

Bottom line:  no one has interfered with Phil’s right to freedom of speech.  He said what he said.  He didn’t mince his words.  You gotta respect that, no matter which side of the gay fence you happen to be standing on this week.  He has the right to express that opinion.  However, having the right to use your freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you also have freedom from consequences.  A&E also has the right to do what they did.  The group that complained on behalf of homosexuals everywhere also had the right to express their grievances with Phil’s opinion.  Unfortunately at times, if you are going to launch freedom of speech as your argument, you have to grudgingly accept that freedom of speech exists for all parties involved.  Basically, Phil had the right to say what he said, but that doesn’t mean it was necessarily a smart decision.

What’s more important in this predicament is the further implications.  Remember the Chick-fil-A fiasco last summer?  Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson just became the new chicken sandwich.  But if you want to know the truth, the whole gay thing is just another ploy by the government and the mainstream media machine to do what they do best:  divide us.  The truth of the matter is that much like races, most straight or religious people coexist with gay or non-religious people just fine.  They may have their beliefs about things on both sides, but they don’t really shove it down each others’ throats.  Most Christians don’t throw stones at gay people on a day-to-day basis.  Most homosexuals aren’t actively trying to recruit others to be gay or lobbying for “gay rights” ( a phenomenon that makes little sense, since if you are lobbying for any specific kind of rights, then you are missing the point that we all should have equal rights).  Now, however, the mainstream media will spend 24 hours a day trying to make it sound like America is a cesspool of Christians using their terrible religion to punish and torture gay people.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but when it comes to making sure that there is always a sea between peoples in this country, it certainly is effective.  It’s just another way to divide… Christians versus atheists.  Black versus white.  Americans versus Mexicans.  Democrats versus Republicans.

They are more than happy to have any of these divisions because it prevents us from having the one that they fear the most and will stop at nothing to keep from gathering steam.

That one is us versus government.

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