Merry Christmas from Common Sense Conspiracy — Wait, Is It Okay to Say That?

Retailers all over America have emails making the corporate circuit reminding stores to make sure that signs used at the store level don’t say damning, terrible things like “Merry Christmas.”  Going for the much less offensive “Happy Holidays,” it is just another example of where the politically correct movement has led our nation, and an unfortunate harbinger of things to come.

Then, throw in the Chick-fil-A  and Duck Dynasty adventures.  What about George Zimmerman?  Remember the Muslim Million March?  It’s almost impossible to say anything in America without offending someone, even if the comment is made with no sinister intentions whatsoever.

PS_0610_XMAS_BASTARDSo, as we head into the big finish to 2013’s holiday season, we at Common Sense Conspiracy want to wish all of our readers…something that hopefully doesn’t offend them.  Because we wouldn’t want that, right?

After all, there’s nothing more offensive for someone that doesn’t believe in Christmas to have someone tell them “Merry Christmas” in the checkout line after they complete their purchase.  It’s almost like they are afraid that the comment will somehow brainwash them and completely change their beliefs.  And what if they are Jewish?  Certainly they should be offended if someone says “Merry Christmas” because, duh, everyone should be able to infer another person’s religious beliefs simply by looking at them.  And, good heavens, what if that person was gay?  Now you just wished them a “Merry Christmas,” a term that refers to a religion that, as Phil Robertson so well knows, revolves around a Bible that says that you are an abomination on the face of the Earth.  The nerve of these people, saying “Merry Christmas” to your face like that.

It is absolutely unforgivable to have someone say anything like this to you.  They don’t know you.  They don’t know what you’ve been through.  To just throw around highly offensive terms like “merry” and “Christmas” with reckless abandon is dangerous.

Soon, saying “Merry Christmas” to someone in America will somehow be wrapped up into bullying or some sort of backwards hate crime.

If you are a Christian, would you get offended if someone said “Happy Hanukkah” to you?  Okay, what if you were in Israel at the time?  Who’s the odd man out now?

Could it be that maybe we should all save our indignant outrage for real issues?  Maybe instead of being offended by nothing at all, we might ought to focus our attention on things that should offend us, like the mockery that our government is making of our society as it basically dismantles the cornerstones of our nation before our very eyes.

So, as we gear up for our annual “year-in-review” phase, we want to wish all of you very happy holidays.

Whatever that means.