Megyn Kelly Says Jesus Christ and Santa Claus Were Both White– Chaos and Racism Accusations Ensue

Only in the United States of America could something like this be front page news while the government systematically disassembles the Constitution before our eyes and no one seems to notice.  Common Sense Conspiracy has published many, many articles about the concept that racial division is just one of many ways the government enjoys the fruits of making sure the American people (otherwise known as the sheep) remain divided into different categories.  This way, the people believe that they belong in one category or another and constantly believe that the other category is perpetually the problem with, well, whatever the hell it is they are upset about at the moment.  You see this throughout our society.  Republicans blame Democrats.  Whites blame blacks and blacks blame whites.  Males blame females, and vice versa.  You get the point.  They have created a hierarchy of division that makes us all have to constantly pick one side or the other, lest we realize who the real enemy is and choose to oppose it as one.  After all, a unified American people is the only thing that could really pose any threat to the current system of government.

Megyn Kelly is the host of a popular television program on the Fox News channel.  She is mostly known for the way she looks more than any credential she possesses to report on the things that she does, but regardless, what she says and does often creates a backlash.  Comments that Jesus Christ and Santa Claus were both white are the current blowtorch to get everyone fired up and on their racial soapbox.

Well, you be the judge in the video below.  Megyn seems to feel strongly that what she says is true.  Is it?  Who cares is a better question?  Santa Claus is a fictional damn character.  If having a black Santa makes you feel better about it, then what’s wrong with that?

But what about Jesus?

Well, every atheist in America would love to point out that Jesus is also a fictional character, so once again, if you want to believe in him, what difference does it make if he is black or white?  Well, if you subscribe to atheist logic, that’s absolutely true.  However, it’s pretty easy to see why Jesus is a little more polarizing of a figure than Saint Nick.  After all, it’s doubtful that anyone has ever killed over Santa Claus.

So what do you think?  Should we burn Megyn at the stake for being racist yet again?  Or should we start debating whether Barack Obama is black or white just for giggles?