Man in Tennessee Arrested for Attempting to Pick Up His Children From School

The story in the video below is a great example of where our nation is right now in terms of the rights of the ordinary citizen and the perceived rights of people that represent the law or government agencies to do whatever they want whenever they want to.  The scene that unfolds in the video is a man simply asking and caring for his children’s safety being harassed and ultimately arrested for “disorderly conduct,” which is the same blanket charge that police use whenever they take someone into custody just because they felt like it.

Rest assured that whatever you are doing right now…wherever you are doing it… whatever time it is… you are doing something that could be construed as “disorderly conduct” by a police officer such as this if he is so inclined.

We were especially impressed with the belligerent officer’s last potshot at the lady filming the one-sided altercation.  He just couldn’t tolerate the idea that she was free to film it if she wanted to.  “Not on school property you can’t.”

What a douche.  But these types of people are just microcosms of the people at the top.