Lord Infamous of Three 6 Mafia Dies at Age of 40 — History of Illuminati Influence?

Well, we at Common Sense Conspiracy are well aware of what happens when someone like the one and only “Lord Infamous” passes away at such an untimely age, so let’s go on and get the Illuminati rumors started.

Lord Infamous is, of course, from Three 6 Mafia, and yes, as you might have guessed, this iconic rap group has indeed been accused of some Illuminati influences, especially during the heart of their reign in the 1990s.

On another note, though, he did have a stroke just a couple of years back and wasn’t in the greatest of health.

But then again, the Illuminati probably knew that, didn’t they? ¬†Oh, they are crafty ones.

Well, anyhow, if this wasn’t enough evidence, here’s some completely 100% tangible evidence of obvious Illuminati involvement in this incident that just can’t be denied.