Is Nelson Mandela Connected to the Illuminati?

This video tries to make a connection between the esteemed South African leader and the Illuminati, relying mostly on hand signals as supposed evidence.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy realize that many people believe that the Illuminati may be involved in Mandela’s rise to power, but unfortunately, there is little or no real evidence of such.  Videos such as these are interesting and may even give one pause, but they are hardly damning evidence of a real connection.

2 thoughts on “Is Nelson Mandela Connected to the Illuminati?”

  1. O damn it man. Stop being so damned naive! Mandela was EXPOSED as an MI6 agent by fellow MI6 agent Stephen Dorril in 2000 within his book on MI6. Mandela never sued Dorril so we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was true. Mandela was setting off bombs to make South Africa safe for British economic imperialism – but dressed up as a “freedom struggle” at a time when his own Xhosa people were free & self governing [ & later independent from 1976 – 1994 ] in the Transkei which was run by his very own nephew. The man was called NELSON for heaven’s sake man! He was a member of the Thembu ROYAL [ red flag man – massive red alert ] family & part of the Xhosa people who are about as pro British as the Cape Dutch historically were. IE: he was part of a people the British had broke & have in their camp a long time ago. The only truly anti-British / anti-imperial / anti-colonial people left in South Africa are the Boers & the Zulus [ who were routinely allied with one another against the British ] Mandela was also exposed as being a 33rd degree Free Mason. So game over. Mandela was put into power by President F W de Klerk who was exposed as having been put into power himself by British Intelligence. He was just another in a long line of British / banker backed puppets that have always ruled this whole region.

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