Has Sara Bareilles Gone Illuminati? Worse! Microsoft

Some of you might be wondering if singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles might have gone over to the Illuminati-tinged dark side with the huge success of her latest album.  Well, we think the situation might be even worse than that.

Microsoft is pushing its Windows 8-impregnated tablets hard in a desperate attempt to get back into the mainstream and bite into that huge chunk of the pie that has been stolen by Apple and Samsung in recent years.  Ever since Windows 8 hit the market, Microsoft and Bill Gates have been floundering as their market share and worldwide relevance took a major hit.

Now, in what might be the most ironic advertising campaign of all time, Microsoft is using Sara Bareilles’ hit song “Brave” as the rallying cry for selling its tablets.  The song “Brave” is probably this year’s gay coming out anthem, even though the words could easily apply to many life situations.  However, Microsoft is using it to try to make its potential customers somehow think that they are being brave if they buy a Windows 8 tablet.

Funny, huh?  They are actually saying that you have to be brave to actually want to own one of these atrocities.  So, do we blame Sara for selling out to the man for some extra cash?  It seems harmless enough.  After all, it’s not like she is joining forces with a man’s company that has publicly called for population control.

Nah, nothing like that.

And now, a free advertisement for Microsoft.  Not sure we are comfortable with this: