Fake Interpreter at Mandela Memorial May Have Greatest Message

In what can only be described as bazaar, a fake sign language interpreter incorrectly signed speeches by prominent world figures delivering eulogies at the memorial for Nelson Mandela.  Now, there is outrage in the deaf community (what does that sound like exactly?) over someone making a mockery of the practice, not to mention the message being delivered.

So what could possibly the motivation for such a thing?  We at Common Sense Conspiracy wonder if perhaps the fake interpreter didn’t have the greatest message of all.  These talking heads delivering their touching and “heartfelt” eulogies for Nelson Mandela are the very world figures that are working to assemble a coalition, a little something we call the New World Order, that goes against almost everything Mandela has stood for.

So, for all of the deaf people that have been slighted by this act, just remember that maybe the guy did you a favor.  It’s entirely possible that the incorrect signing was about as meaningful as the empty words being spoken.

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