Did President Obama Really Sign Up for Obamacare?

The mainstream media is vigorously reporting some interesting news about our President Barack Obama just after the Christmas holiday.  According to major news outlets, the President took a little time during yet another lavish vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii to sign up for the health care plan that is named after him.  That’s right, the President has officially signed up for Obamacare.

131002191139-tsr-moos-obamacare-sign-up-glitches-00000812-story-topNot only did he sign up just ahead of the January 1 deadline, but he didn’t even opt for the highest plan.  Choosing the most affordable “Bronze” package, the President is really showing his faith and confidence in the Affordable Care Act by putting his own health its hands.

That is, of course, what they would like for you to believe.

While the news is true, it doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot.  See, the President of the United States is covered by the health care that actually is provided through the military (after all, he is considered the commander-in-chief of the military, making him technically as much an employee of the U.S. military as the American people).  Rest assured, President Obama’s coverage is the same today as it was before he signed up, and it will still be the same after January 1 going forward.  The supposed enrollment is purely symbolic…which means, in other words, that it is pointless and has no real significance whatsoever.  Perhaps a few blind sheep will be impressed and suddenly feel empowered to join Obamacare just because it’s the cool thing to do now that the Prez is on board himself.

If you are wondering how we could be so sure, well, it’s not that hard to get an answer.  The White House itself responded when asked about the signup that it was “symbolic,” just like we said.

On the other hand, it is pretty exceptional that the President was able to get through on the website.  No word on how long he waited on the web pages to load.