Common Sense Conspiracy’s Year in Review: The Hottest Conspiracy Stories of 2013

Well, who doesn’t like to take at look at where we are and reflect on how we got here as the new year approaches.  Common Sense Conspiracy feels the same way, and as we get ready for what promises to be a tumultuous 2014, we are taking a few moments to look back at some of the biggest stories in conspiracy circles for 2013.

2013 opened on the heels of another controversial presidential election, with Barack Obama beating out Mitt Romney to stay in the White House for four more years.  He wasn’t even inaugurated for his second term before the rumors of him passing some sort of executive order granting himself permission to run for a third term were surfacing all over.  Not to mention Donald Trump very publicly challenging the President to end the birth certificate debate once and for all.  Neither of these produced more fire than smoke, and when all is said and done, President Obama has done nothing to indicate that he is going to try to change the law to allow him to seek a third term.  He hasn’t even really shown any real reason to believe he even wants to do so.  A bill was introduced in Congress doing away with presidential term limits which only added to the outrage, but the bill was quashed.  It turns out the same guy puts the same bill forward every time and it has nothing to do with this particular president.

Shootings continued throughout 2013 as the nation still reeled from the Newtown school shootings in December of 2012.  Gun control was still a major news story, but when all was said and done, President Obama and Vice President Biden accomplished little.  Meanwhile, questions were still being asked about the Benghazi situation, but rest assured that despite a myriad of hearings and talking to virtually everyone involved who is still alive, nothing really got solved in the mess.

From there, we had the Boston Marathon Bombings, another terrorist attack that had plenty of reasons to question the official account of things, right up until the insane car chase and manhunt that ended with the city of Boston on a martial law-esque lockdown.  As is all too often the case, there was a “drill” going on at the marathon that just happened to mimic almost exactly what happened.  Then, one of the supposed perpetrators turned out to have been linked to numerous murders from years past.  In the wake of the bombings, there was much attention paid to Michelle Obama visiting a Saudi national that was at the time thought to be a suspect.  This turned out to be much ado about nothing as the national ended up being totally unconnected, and Mrs. Obama visited victims of all nationalities and walks of life.  Later on, questions would arise about the same character being supposedly sighted at the White House, although there was no solid evidence.

Then, Syria.  President Obama became involved in a George Bush-like push for war that screamed of the Iraq situation to many Americans.  The situation revolved around the Syrian government using biological weapons on its own people.  There was much speculation about whether rebels might have executed a false flag operation to make it look like Syria had done this, prompting a United States response.  In any case, it worked, as President Obama looked poised to go to war with Syria until a last ditch effort by Russia saved the day.  Even as that was going on, Russia was already laughing at America as the complicated story of Edward Snowden evolved.  Snowden is now America’s most famous whistleblower, and his revelations about what the NSA was really doing in America have remained a big story right up until the end of 2013.  There are still court rulings coming down daily about whether the NSA was acting within the law in its practices, and this will hopefully lead to some much needed transparency in 2014.  But don’t count on it.

The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin affair was a big story in 2013 as well.  Spanning most of the year, the trial captured and divided the nation, mostly down racial lines.  Zimmerman was ultimately acquitted which set off a sea of protest.  Meanwhile, gay marriage remained a hot button issue, but the Supreme Court didn’t get too carried away in addressing it in what many pointed to as the “it” case for the matter.  Ultimately, it is still a state issue at this point, and until someone finds a way to bring it back before the national stage, it seems poised to stay that way for now.

The Duck Dynasty saga here at the end of the year dominated headlines and fueled the debate about gay rights once again.  This will no doubt continue to be a regular issue in 2014.

The government shutdown was another atrocious example of the American government making a total mockery of their political process, and when the dust settled, nothing really happened.  February 2014 will be the next time it comes up, so get ready for 2014 to once again be dominated by another rematch of a terrifically silly contest between two political parties whose only real goal is to scare Americans and keep them utterly divided.

Oh yeah, how could we forget Obamacare.  The implementation of Obamacare became a stereotypical microcosm of the entire affair since its inception.  The website, which millions upon millions of dollars were reportedly spent on, was a complete failure, and President Obama was eventually forced to backtrack on some of his rules and deadlines for the time being because the implementation was such a disaster.  Obamacare will continue to dominate conspiracy circles throughout 2014 as it is a textbook example of the government forcing something on the people that is not necessarily popular or even legal.

As we head into 2014, we will be bombarded with much of the same.  Expect plenty of shootings, as they don’t seem to be slowing down in the least.   Expect more drama about Obamacare, yet another debt ceiling embarrassment, and more attempts by the government and mainstream media to widen the divisions in America, mainly through alienating gays versus heterosexuals, whites versus blacks, the usual meaningless political divisions, and a relatively new category that they are very excited about:  Christians versus everyone else.

As for terrorist attacks or potential false flag operations in 2014, the government has been promoting awareness about a serious cyberattack.  Expect a major Internet-related attack in 2014 that leaves everyone floundering for the government to rescue them in what will then be acknowledged as a “told you so” moment by federal agencies.  Also, the student loan bubble may be a very big part of an impending economic crisis that many are predicting for next year.

It’s going to be an interesting ride.  Stay with Common Sense Conspiracy to make sure you know what you need to know when you need to know it.

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  1. I believe that the Syrian government is accused of using chemical weapons and not biological ones. Thank you.

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