China Lands Rover on the Moon — Violation of Decades-Old Warning?

37 years after the last soft landing, China has successfully placed a rover on the moon’s surface.  The Jade Rabbit robot rover is the first machine of its type to explore the lunar surface since the 1970s, and China is proudly touting its achievement, pointing out that it has now done something that only two other countries in the world have pulled off.  Those other two, of course, are the United States and the Soviet Union.

The manned moon landing by the United States is one of the most debated conspiracy topics of all time.  Many, many people believe that Neil Armstrong and company never actually set foot on the moon at all and the video that the world watched with bated breath was nothing more than a Hollywood-esque studio creation.  Despite extensive attempts by NASA and other organizations to dispel these theories, the debate lives on today in 2013 as lively as ever.  However, this is not the only theory that exists surrounding human’s meanderings on its closest celestial neighbor.

Is the "Jade Rabbit" trespassing?
Is the “Jade Rabbit” trespassing?

The relative absence of people and machines from the moon has long raised eyebrows in conspiracy circles.  After all, the way technology goes, one would think that in 2013, manned travel to the moon would be commonplace.  Instead, it is nonexistent.  Also, not even rovers such as Jade Rabbit have landed there in almost four decades.  Why did man make such an exodus from the moon?

The answer, according to many conspiracy theorists, is simple.  There is something up there, and they warned us not to come back or else.  The theories get pretty awesomely elaborate.  Some go as far as to say that extraterrestrials on the moon warned Earthlings to go home and not come back or some type of doomsday device or even an alien invasion would be unleashed on the homeland.

This is one of those interesting situations where a conspiracy theory leaves the world of conjecture and actually gets put to the test.  With China landing this rover on the moon now, those theories are finally on the chopping block.  Is the human race intruding on someone’s moon sovereignty against a stern warning sometime in the 1970s?

Or did America and other technologically advanced countries set their sights on bigger prizes, like Mars and beyond, and simply haven’t spent the millions of dollars to go back to the moon for no apparent reason?

Let us know what you think.