Blast from the Past: Ron Paul Explains Political Parties Way Back in 1991 — Still Applicable

Ron Paul may not be the answer to the problems we have in America, but one does have to at least give him credit for calling it like it really is.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy have long felt that Ron Paul has become one of those people that they are pretty much okay with being on the radar.  Ron Paul says his piece, and they don’t feel the need to stamp him out and exterminate him like a bug, because they see him as giving people something to think about but in a “whatever you crazy koot” kind of way.  That’s what makes this video kind of frightening.  He’s absolutely right, and his description of what the supposed two party political system in America is couldn’t be more on target.  The words he spoke in 1991 are 100% still true in 2013, and there is no reason to think that this will change.

So, love him or hate him, he’s right about this one.  And so are we.