Black Man Brings White Girlfriend to Barber Shop — You Mean Black People Can be Racist Too?

When it comes to the subject of racism in America, the mainstream media and the government work overtime to make sure that there is no chance that this scourge on society is going anywhere anytime soon.  However, racism is almost always touted in the media as a one-sided problem, a continuous assault by white people on people of African American ethnicity.  Hardly ever is it as much as mentioned that racism is actually a two-way street, and regardless of whether you feel that it is warranted or not, there are many, many black Americans that have a problem in general with white people.

The following video shows a black woman in a barber shop having an attitude that many white people had about interracial relationships, oh, twenty years ago or so.  Yet, most people of the Caucasian persuasion have more or less accepted this as perfectly normal in this day and age.  You would think if the bigot white people could get over it, then it would be a given that black people would be over it.  That is not always the case, and this video does a good job of illustrating the concept.

Now, what is the real point of us posting this here at Common Sense Conspiracy? That’s an easy one.  We want all people to see that racism is only another way that our government and the mainstream media keep our society segregated.  It is not the only way.  They do it with political parties, income classes, and, well, the list goes on and on.  But racism is one of the biggest ways they encourage division, and to believe that one side or the other is the problem instead of the system that they are trying to force upon us as a whole is as bad as just siding with them in the first place.