Why’s Everyone Hating on the Frozen McRib Sandwich?

Well, the word on the street is that the McRib Sandwich at McDonald’s is frozen.  Ain’t that some s**t?  Legions of McDonald’s fans that routinely take their children to play on the playground while being served slop with preservatives they cannot pronounce are now grossed out by revelations that the McRib is actually McFreeze.

What is the world coming to?  Really?
By the way, if you are wondering what’s up with the McRib and the way it comes and goes seemingly at will, well, we talked about that before too at Conspiracy for Conspiracy’s Sake — The McRib Sandwich.

One thought on “Why’s Everyone Hating on the Frozen McRib Sandwich?”

  1. I don’t see the big deal as this is the same way hamburgers, chicken nuggets, etc are shipped into McDonalds. Premade, frozen, and boneless. None are “fresh” and the “meat” is probably a mix of nasty ingredients and fillers. Nothing that most would want to know. Just lather it with Ketchup or BBQ sauce then enjoy!

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