Why are President Obama’s Approval Ratings Going Down?

Even the mainstream media grudgingly reported that President Barack Obama’s approval ratings are at dismal lows, in some cases even approaching or surpassing that of his predecessor, George W. Bush, often lauded as the worst President of all time, although few that say so have a lot of cognitive reasons for it besides a barrage of things that have little or nothing to do with George W. Bush.  In any case, it is notable that even the media had no choice but to report that it seems like the American people are becoming increasingly despondent with the policies of President Obama.  However, we at Common Sense Conspiracy don’t understand why his approval ratings are going down.  They should be either rising or at the very least, staying the same.

Say what?

What is it America?  You can't exchange it because it is exactly what you wanted.
What is it America? You can’t exchange it because it is exactly what you wanted.

Think about it for a second.  President Obama won the election easily over Mitt Romney last year.  This was his campaign for a second term, so everyone that voted for President Obama knew exactly what his agenda was and how he planned to achieve it.  So, to not approve of how things are going right now makes no sense for those that voted for Obama because everything is being delivered exactly as promised.

President Obama insisted that nothing would stop Obamacare.  Check.  It is running right on time.  President Obama told everyone there would be some “growing pains” as they got the new system working.  Check.  The website is a disaster, and in fact, only six people signed up on launch day.  President Obama said that people could keep their old plans if they wanted to.  Check.  You are more than welcome to keep your old plan.  Of course, Obama couldn’t have had the foresight to realize that many of those plans would cease to exist or double or triple in their premiums, but still, he told you you could do what you wanted to do, and you still can.

Some people point to Benghazi.  That was before the election, and it was obvious that mum was the word then, so why be surprised that nothing more has come of it now?  Some people point to the debacle that happened with Syria.  Why?  Obama was a humanitarian hero the way he wanted to rally to start a war to save those innocent children in Syria.  I mean, if you are a loyal Obama voter, why in the world would that have changed your point of view?  I mean, it was handled flawlessly, and Obama’s attitude caused Russia and Syria to fold to his will.  It was one of the most impressive political chess games since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and you are telling me you are disappointed.

What about the NSA mess?  Why would you disapprove of that?  After all, President Obama has diligently worked to disassemble all of those terrible, atrocious things that George W. Bush put into place to steal American civil liberties.  That’s why one of the first things he did was repeal the Patriot…oh wait… well, scratch that one.

President Obama’s approval ratings should always be above 50% because he won the election.  Having delivered precisely what he promised, it is hard to imagine why any American could disapprove, especially if they voted for him.

Oh well…some people just don’t like to see success.