Walmart and Other Retailers Stage Playstation 4/XBox One Conspiracy — Holding Back or Discriminating?

Two of the hottest items around heading into this holiday season are the next generation of gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.  These powerful new entries in the gaming market both launched within the last couple of weeks, and both companies promised that there would not be any major shortages heading into the holiday season.  Yet two weeks after the Playstation 4’s launch and a week after that of the Xbox One, both are almost impossible to find.  So, did Microsoft and Sony blow it big time?

Not at all.

Playstation 4's for long as you play by our rules.
Playstation 4’s for everyone…as long as you play by our rules.

Common Sense Conspiracy has confirmed through employees (speaking anonymously, of course) that many Walmarts have hundreds if not thousands of Playstation 4’s and Xbox One’s stowed away in their stockrooms under lock and key.  They have expressly forbidden their employees from telling customers they do indeed have the coveted items in stock (meaning that they are literally lying to every customer that asks) and have, according to our sources, threatened their jobs.  Of course, they are threatening some of the most underpaid and disgruntled employees in the retail industry, so it’s not hard to figure out why someone might be willing to spill the beans.

The concept is that Walmart is adding even more to the Black Friday draw by guaranteeing they will have these two items in stock on those days.  Of course, they managed to do this by turning away hundreds of customers nationwide while they stowed away shipment after shipment to amass enough to try to at least half-a*$ meet the demand on the big day.

What’s the point?  Easy.  Black Friday has become a huge event and is now a would-be benchmark of success.  All the retailers are pulling out all the stops to have bigger and better Black Friday sales as is evidenced by more alluring deals and earlier and earlier opening times.  It’s all about the draw.  They believe that if they can attract more shop-hungry customers into their stores on the big day, they will buy other higher profit items.

What’s especially crappy about all of this is the price.  Part of the big deal about Black Friday are the unheard of deals that retailers run to attract customers.  However, Walmart and other retailers are merely guaranteeing they will possess the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in stock.  The price will be the same as any other day.  The only difference is you will have to compete with who knows how many people to get your hands on one and cut short your family time on Thanksgiving.  And of course, if you work in any kind of industry where you’re not sitting around with nothing to do on the Friday after Thanksgiving, you are crap out of luck.

This includes nurses, firemen, policemen, people that work in retail, and military servicemen and women.  So, what Walmart is basically saying is that they don’t want any of these hard-working people’s money.  They don’t want those that have jobs that preclude them from joining in the chaos to be able to buy an item at the same price it is every other day.

Hmm…is that really a good business practice?  It almost sounds like (gasp) discrimination.

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