The Power of Suggestion — White Candidate Wins Election By Making People Think He’s Black

Okay, so this is one of those stories that we share because there are multiple levels to what we are seeing here.  So, let’s start with the facts of the matter.  We’ll let the video tell the who, what, where here, but to make a long story short, an old white-haired white man managed to win an election in a mostly African American demographic area by cleverly implying to the constituents in the county that he was actually black.

Okay, so the first school of thought is…man, that’s messed up.  He is outright telling everyone that he purposely tried to deceive the public to win an election.  No doubt there are plenty of African American voters that are outraged when they found out that they not only voted for a white man, but actually voted for him over the incumbent black man that had been in office for concurrent terms for over two decades.  His tactics weren’t outright lies (like Presidential contenders such as current President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush, just to name two off the top of our heads); he simply used the power of suggestion to make people think that he was black.  And it worked, obviously, in droves.  If you are interested in just how he pulled it off, watch the video.

So, where’s the other schools of thought?  Well, let’s take a step back and look at this from a different perspective.  This man did win an election by deceiving voters, but he also proved unequivocally that black voters in an overwhelmingly black voting district did vote almost wholly based on race.  Is that not a damning revelation in and of itself?

Remember…these people voted for a declared conservative Republican just because they thought he was black.

Hmm…could we apply this to what might have happened in the last couple of Presidential elections as well?  Then, the next question is that if a white person, say Hillary Clinton, runs in 2016 and say the Republicans find some black person, any black person, to put up as a contender, does that mean the Republicans win by a landslide?

Stories like this shake the faith of everyone.  Even the staunchest Democrat, who obviously must realize that his political party purposely targets and influences the African American community to try to harness votes, must be shaking in their boots to see that race really is that big of a deal.  It worked out for them thus far, but what if it turns on them in the future.

It’s an astounding question.  Will African Americans vote based on party lines even if the races don’t line up with what is apparently a very important factor to them?

In a country where racism is often used by the government as one of its most clever tools for dividing the population, this can only play right into the hands of America’s one party political system that we frequently talk about.  This, much like gay marriage, abortion, religion, and other such items, is an example of the kind of things that make the government very, very happy, because despite all of the atrocities we have witnessed both recently and over the last few decades, there is ZERO chance of the American people banding together to throw out a corrupt system as long as they are able to make sure the American people are always divided.

Black or white…

Atheist or Christian…

Pro-life, Pro-choice?

Gay rights activist, or Chick-fil-A CEO.

The battle lines are drawn except for the one that needs to be drawn the most.

American People vs. American Government.