The Bitter Irony of the Statue of Jesus Christ Erected in Syria

The mainstream media in America is going crazy reporting on the erection of a giant statue of Jesus, arms outstretched, in Syria, even as the atrocities of the civil war there continue and there is international fervor over whether Israel decided to launch air strikes on the war-torn nation.

A giant Jesus in the heart of Mohammed-Land...and yet if this were erected in America, chaos would ensue.
A giant Jesus in the heart of Mohammed-Land…and yet if this were erected in America, chaos would ensue.

It’s beautiful and poignant.  We get it.  Hell, we even like it.  Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, overlooking the carnage of who knows how many terrible situations with his arms outstretched.  For some Americans, it’s the ultimate middle finger.  In the very heart of Islam, here is Jesus, offering the wounded (both physically, emotionally, and politically) a way out.

So, what is the point of this article?  What is the bitter irony of all of this that we so touted?

If this same statue were erected anywhere in America, there would be massive protests.

Atheists would sue in federal court to have it removed.

People would gather at its feet to protest one way or another.

A nation of supposed tolerance would implode on itself as people debated whether Jesus Christ looking down on America would somehow cause it to decimate itself.

Meanwhile, in Syria…Americans see it as a symbol of hope.