Thanksgiving is Upon Us — The Real Holocaust Season?

It’s the conspiracy that no one is talking about, and yet everyone knows about it.  The holocaust that no one denies the authenticity of, and in fact, millions of people across the world actually enjoy and look forward to.  No, Common Sense Conspiracy is not going PETA on you, but it’s time that the plight of the turkey was examined in conspiracy circles once and for all.

Have you seen Fred?
No, he died in the Resistance.

Turkeys get slaughtered all the time to become our dinners.  Sure, there’s the minor skirmish at Easter.  But in the life of a turkey in America, there is that fateful day that over 45 million soldiers in the Turkey Army will lose their lives each year.  They go on their merry way most of the time.  Occasionally family and friends come up missing, but for the most part, they lead a peaceful existence until D-Day.  The Turkey Holocaust.  It comes once a year and leaves millions in its wake.

For turkeys the world over, it has to be the sort of thing whispered about in folklore, passed down from generations in nations where Thanksgiving is not celebrated or turkeys are not the focal point.  For those that live in the wild, known to be exceptionally difficult to hunt, they must scoff at their enslaved brothers, imprisoned for no other reason than to increase the population and get them the right size for the upcoming atrocities against turkey-kind.  Like the Black Death, they tally the numbers, perhaps exaggerating in moonlight around their campfires, speaking of another time when turkeys were just another cog in the food chain and not marked for death from inception.  Family members will be lost, few will escape, and when it’s all over, those that fall have to endure the disgrace of being served to humans for days to come as leftovers.  Some will even have their remains frozen so that they can be preserved, taking away any chance of a last laugh if a human should eat one past its prime.  For the Turkey Holocaust victims, there are no memorials, no gravestones, and no one will mourn them.  They will not get to see their babies grow up, only to meet the same fate at the appointed hour.  They will never know that their resistance to the bitter end will do little to fight the fact that the holocaust will happen again in just a year’s time.

Don’t cry in your dressing.  Common Sense Conspiracy loves turkeys and we love Thanksgiving.  So, this is one holocaust we can all agree on.

Happy Thanksgiving and remember…

Conspiracies are everywhere…maybe even on your dinner plate.

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