Sandy Hook Video Presents Disturbing Assessment of Tragedy That Still Has No Answers

No, it wasn’t the first.  And it certainly wasn’t the last.  The rash of irrational shootings in schools as well as other establishments in America has been really the story of 2013, but it really got its start back in 2012 when the Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown, Connecticut spurred a vicious debate about gun control that dominated the public consciousness for months.  Even today, these types of completely unexplainable shootings seem to come around regularly, and everyone has started to accept it as some contorted form of normal.  However, sometimes you have to take a look back before you can go forward, and the only thing as disturbing as what allegedly happened there is the fact that almost a year later, we have virtually no real answers about the events of that day.

Conspiracy theorists are often chided for their paranoia and questioning of “official stories,” but the Sandy Hook situation is not a problem for conspiracy theorists.  It is a problem for every American.  Why do we not have any answers about this?  Why is there still no video whatsoever even though almost every shooting since then had some sort of video evidence presented within a couple of weeks?

The following video is the best assembly of what happened in Sandy Hook that we have seen yet, and we wanted to share it with our readers as we look forward to a grim anniversary.