President Obama and Half-Brother Deemed Criminal Terrorists By Egyptian Court

There is a growing number of alternative news sources reporting that President Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, whom most of you probably had no idea exists, has been charged with all sorts of atrocities in Egypt.  Malik is widely thought to be plugged in with the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that President Obama supported (go figure, huh?) and then was cast out of Egypt and declared a terrorist organization (after the United States supplied them with millions of dollars, of course).

Well, those revelations might have done a little bit to tarnish the Obama family name, but now, new reports are going a step farther, saying that President Obama himself has now been officially charged as a criminal terrorist by a filing in Egypt.

What does it all mean?  Not a whole lot.  President Obama isn’t going to be held before any sort of international court anytime soon, most likely never.  And, yes, you or I could file papers in some of these court systems overseas claiming any sort of outlandish things about anyone we choose.  It doesn’t mean that it’s true by anyone’s definition.  Is it interesting?   Hell yeah.  Is there reason to look a little deeper into this strange Obama family kinship?  Absolutely.

But what should we really take away from this?  Just who is Malik Obama, and if he really exists and does the things that they say he does, what kind of massive conspiracy could be at work that we never once heard him mentioned in either election campaign?  Don’t you think it just a tad strange that neither Mitt Romney nor John McCain nor the Republican Party as a whole saw fit to call Obama out for his half-brother being a near terror mastermind?

So, the charges are interesting, but what is most interesting is Malik Obama…the man…myth or legend?