LAX Shooter Mentioned New World Order — Oh, Goodness!

Thus far, Common Sense Conspiracy mostly overlooked the shootings at Los Angeles International Airport for a variety of reasons.  One is that we didn’t want to be pulling the conspiracy alarm prematurely.  Much to all of our chagrin, these shootings are becoming so commonplace that we actually feel now that it is starting to lose its emotional bite.  This could actually turn out to be a good thing in the grand scheme of things.  So much of the drive behind these tragedies revolves around a desperate need for attention or to reach some level of fame.  Ironically, the frequency of the shootings is making both of these less and less.

ResisttheNewWorldOrderAll of that concept only applies if you believe the government’s account of things.  This latest incident seemed pretty ho hum, par for the course, if you will, but now the mainstream media is leaking more information, and it turns out this guy had some major bad feelings for the TSA and the government in general, and he even mentioned things like “flat currency” and everyone’s favorite conspiracy theory, the coming New World Order.  What does that mean for the average person?  Well, let’s start by what we mean by the “average person.”

The average person is someone who is not “awake” as we so often refer to people that dismiss conspiracy theories and generally believe that the government is telling the truth and looking out for their best interests.  To be “awake” you are not an average person; you are a person that is observant, demonstrates common sense, and understands that the “official story” is usually not worth much more than the paper it is written upon.

So, definitions aside, what does it mean for the average person when the mainstream media starts reporting how this lunatic was talking about flat currencies and a totalitarian oppressive government that he is paranoid about?  They think, “Oh those crazy conspiracy theorists.”

The government loves this reaction.  With incidents like this, they are able to try to convince the “average person” that conspiracy theorists (which is a collective term in society for anyone who doesn’t just accept everything at face value and move forward) are just a hop, skip, and jump away from shooting up your local food mart, elementary school, or public transportation hub.  And what does that connection help do?  Further cement conspiracy theorists under this umbrella as nuts that should be ignored and dismissed, a blight on society that keeps the government and “average people” from progressing on their journey to President Obama’s sanctioned utopia.

When it’s all said and done, we want to go through our usual spill here.  This guy does not represent conspiracy theorists in any way, shape or form.  He is one of two things:  a nutcase with a gun that went extra nuts on this particular day, or someone who has somehow been controlled by the government to do such things to push their agenda.  Whichever you choose to believe, it was bad, it should not have happened, but we also must question the official account and make sure that we don’t read things into it that simply aren’t there.

Sometimes it is what it is, and we just wanted to set the record straight.  Now, return to your normal scheduled programming.