In Defense of President Barack Obama — The New Democratic Rally Cry!

When now President Barack Obama first took office, many of his supporters lashed out at all of the “silly” conspiracy theories revolving around their real American hero.  There was the birth certificate debate, the people claiming Obama was a Muslim, Christians heralding him as the Antichrist, and those that believed that this man would single-handedly oversee the bit-by-bit destruction of America piecemeal.

Flash forward to the present.  President Obama has had a rather tumultuous time of it.  Scandal has become increasingly more common as he entered his second term.  The Affordable Care Act, otherwise affectionately known as Obamacare, has been nothing short of a complete disaster and lesson of the dangers of letting the government put their hands in anything (see the U.S. Post Office for more information).  The economy is still a hot-button issue, with unemployment numbers being cheerfully picked and chosen to represent a rosier picture of what was one of the world’s most important machines’ slide into desolation.

6a00d83451d6a669e20153906f20be970b-500wiCommon Sense Conspiracy is not a political website.  We routinely go over the fact that America really only has one political party, and the Democrats and Republicans are just a ruse to convince you that you have a choice when in reality, we’re heading down that path to the slaughterhouse either way.  So, this is not Republican propaganda attacking President Obama here.  This is us expressing two ideas about the current political climate… it’s actually quite humorous, but at the same time extremely, extremely frustrating.

Why do we think it’s funny?  Because Democrats who were so excited about President Obama’s hope and change have now resolved to pointing out that the country will not be a total crater as a success story.  Instead of saying “look what we did” as they move toward 2016, they are going “well, you have to admit your apocalyptic theories thought it would be a lot worse than this.”

That’s where we are at with it.  We are at a political crossroads in America where either side considers that not succeeding at completely destroying the nation is some kind of advertisement for their political party.  Think about it.  This is the new rally cry for Democrats…that Obama isn’t going to have enough time to trash it quite as bad as the Republicans thought.

Like we said above, this is not a Republican slant on it.  If roles were reversed (and history tells us that they surely will be in the not-so-distant future), the story would be just the same, except it would be the Republicans claiming the opposite and the Democrats looking for the sky to fall.  Nothing ever really changes; people that buy in to the nonsense simply find a side to blame and ride or die it to the end.  It’s funny that looking at it this way is a viable political strategy.  Democrats are already gearing up for the next Presidential election by reminding people that it could have been worse.

Is that what we do now?  We judge our leaders by who doesn’t mess up the most?  We judge things by who leaves the nuclear wasteland and who leaves it barely hanging by a thread?

And therein lies the second part we referenced above.  It’s funny…but it’s not.  It’s frustrating, because there are too many damn people that believe “oh if those pesky Republicans would just…” or “oh if those pesky Democrats would just…” means something.  It means nothing…absolutely nothing at all.  As long as they can keep us divided, they have nothing to worry about and the corruption, dismantling of the Constitution, and above all, the bullshit will continue.

So, we are defending the President for the first time here at the CSC.  It’s true.  The Democrats are right.

America, for now, still exists.  I guess that’s something.

2 thoughts on “In Defense of President Barack Obama — The New Democratic Rally Cry!”

  1. Deception is the Question;
    Sheeple being what we are, seem to be swayed by the deliberate rhetoric of the congressional populace whom to what end are blinded by the senior members of the congress bought and paid for by the fascist corporate cabal and the Kings of Mammon (banksters). The fruit of evil and it’s apparent cancerous effects contribute to the blind voting by our electret. Passing willy nilly unread laws of potential slave etude for the masses (citizens) of the USA. So it has been as far as the eye can see! If only the citizens of death were here to see the carnage by those that professed to be Democratic. The generations dead and gone would see this cancer and cut it out I believe. The all to well dissection and the forensic pathology of a corrupt government would be exposed. Yet even the seemingly sophisticated prospects of the elite, as John Kennedy, silenced by the same cabal of undefined marauders that proliferate within the shadows of government. Twisting and sticking the knife of death into the call for freedom. Deliver us from the elite old world money that has created a delusional and corrupt governance of psychopaths calling themselves patriots governing our country. Disguised as proprietors of freedom do they burn the flag of our forefathers and the bank of historical ideals described in the original Constitution. Amended to support the elite and crucified by dictators and confederates. Tyranny by any other word is not far from or closer to the truth of the disease of serfdom, knocking on the door in the great society of Oz.

  2. The writer of the above “reply” should be aware that the purpose of language is to convey ideas or information. The purpose is NOT to show off the extent of one’s vocabulary or pseudo literary skills to the point where the message becomes virtually indiscernible. As a retired English teacher, even I could not quite distinguish the intended message in the shameful display of egotism in the so called “reply”.

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