George Zimmerman Arrested Again — O.J. Simpson Disease?

During George Zimmerman’s tumultuous murder trial over his admitted killing of teenager Trayvon Martin, people all over America generally fell on one side or the other.  Obviously, race was a huge polarizer here, but also, there was debates about gun control, “stand your ground” laws, and just how much authority anyone has to defend their property or neighborhood.  When the dust settled, one thing was for sure:  no matter how you felt about the situation, at the very least, you have to admit that Zimmerman did indeed get away with murder.  He never once denied that he killed Trayvon Martin, and when the not guilty verdict was announced, he had gotten away with it.  This much is fact.

Up until today, we wouldn’t have thought that there were very many similarities between the most famous murderer that got away with it of all time, O.J. Simpson, and the second most famous murderer that got away with it, George Zimmerman.  But now, they share another similarity:  they got away with murder, but instead of walking the straight and narrow, they seem to think that they can now do anything they want.

Zimmerman has now been arrested and booked into a correctional facility in Florida as the outcome of a domestic dispute.  The details are leaking out slowly, but it doesn’t really matter.  Like O.J., Zimmerman walked away from a terrible situation with his freedom intact, and if he had any sense in his head at all, he would never so much as jaywalk or run a red light again the rest of his life.  But, also like O.J., Zimmerman keeps right on breaking the law, and now he’s back in handcuffs, back behind bars, and what is going to be the excuse this time?

Getting away with murder is a terrible thing to waste.Is it some kind of thrill?  Is getting away with murder not a relief but like skydiving?  Do they just want to see if they can do it again?  Do they irrationally think that they now have a mandate and are truly above the law?  Or was Zimmerman really a bad guy looking for trouble after all?

It gets harder and harder to defend him (for those that chose to do so) when he keeps doing dumb stuff like this.  And pretty much everyone knows that Las Vegas took out their full vengeance on O.J. for past transgressions.  Now, Zimmerman is giving a judge and jury in Florida the opportunity to do the same.

Is it a disease?  Is something wrong with them?  Does getting away with murder warp your mind?

Let’s call it O.J. Disease.  What do you think?