Fast and Furious Actor Paul Walker Dies in Car Accident — Real or Hoax?

The story being reported by major news agencies is that Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker  had died in a car accident.  According to early reports, Walker and a passenger he was driving died after an impact with a tree in California just outside of Los Angeles.  The car evidently burst into flames and exploded, according to everyone’s favorite and reliable source TMZ.

Two things of note here for those that frequent conspiracy circles:

Okay, so it's a little ironic, but we weren't going to say that out loud...
Okay, so it’s a little ironic, but we weren’t going to say that out loud…

1.  There has indeed been a ring of hoaxes going around the Internet surrounding Walker.  As far as we can tell at this time, this is the real deal and the actor is dead.  However, there have been repeated Twitter hoaxes saying that he died in various ways in the past weeks and months.  We believe that the news agencies are correct and that this is authentic, but it is interesting that we finally have one of the hoax targets actually pass away in a tragic manner after the hoaxes.  We will be looking into how all of that fits together and if there is any reason to think that the hoaxes and the actual death are related.

2.  Paul Walker may be known for many things, but there has been absolutely no mention of him when it comes to all things Illuminati.  We are pointing this out because so many people always are seeking information when this happens with regard to Illuminati sacrifices and such.  From our research, there is absolutely no reason to think that Paul Walker’s apparent death has anything at all to do with the Illuminati.  However, it remains to be seen if it has anything to do with drugs and alcohol.

Common Sense Conspiracy continues to monitor this situation.  We will report further as more information becomes available.

33 thoughts on “Fast and Furious Actor Paul Walker Dies in Car Accident — Real or Hoax?”

  1. Isn’t it weird that his last movie was “Hours” based on Typhoon Kathrina survival and died of a car crash (Fast & Furious) while attending a charity event for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan? Is he a sacrifice of the Illuminati?

    1. Isnt ot wierd brian died on family guy in a car crash not so long ago amd now brian from fast n furious dies in a car crash?

  2. He has a charity that he runs called ‘Reach out world wide’, that helps deals with places around the world that had been hit by natural disasters. If anyone on here knows their stuff they’ll know all about chemtrails, haarp & weather modification. If you ask me, he’s been getting in the way of the elites big projects. His charity had been doing a better job than the our governments..

    I leave you to decide.

  3. He also basically played little bush in skulls, and sold them out.. Just like fast and furious… Lesson to snitches

  4. Brian from family guy died this week and now Brian from fast and furious dies. Also some sites reported him dead yesterday. Illuminati

  5. It looks like illuminati. 11+30+6 (2013) = 11,

    Numerology. 1+1=2, 3+o=3, 2+o+1+3=6

    11+30+6= 11


    Confirmed. Illuminati.

  6. I think he was a sacrifice. I checked out his pics on Google images. Nothing illuminati looking. ALL pics were of Paul only, then all of a sudden there was a soul-less (no light in his eyes) looking pic of Vin Diesel – I think Paul is his sacrifice. There is a recent pic on Paul’s FB page with the cast of F&F and Diesel is wearing an upside down cross necklace. I added the numbers up to 11 also for his date of death. Brian dying on Family Guy is VERY interesting.

    1. I think you’re an idiot.

      Paul Walker is Vin Diesel’s sacrifice? and you came to this pearler of a conclusion because there was a random photo of VD with no ‘light in his eyes’? – is that the photo you’re referring to?
      If so, sorry mate, that’s not an upside-down cross.

      Although …. his death does add up to 11!!!!!!!!!!! It MUST be Vin Diesel/Illuminati! MY GOD!

      Also, it’s not interesting in the slightest that another ‘Brian’ died this week.

      For f*cks sake.

    2. I think the date is the focus piont….not nessecerely paul being the one to die….the illuminati uses some one famous on the dates they choose….certain dates are used for worship of satanic things…I think the used paul on this day to worship a death…the kill someone famouse so so many people will participate…so in other word they killed him on this date do everyone will worship a death on this date…I know they don’t actuall worship but the fact it is even mentioned gived the evil forces power….research n see if any other important pple dide on same date…also look into. Just like lebron james for instance or koby..they always put their arms out like wings. If they showboat a score or good says in the bible to not mock god or angels…that’s what they are doing to give evil more power…or like when beyonce of jay z oa riahnna or any high up mainstream a concert they will make hand symbols…check out youtube

  7. Paul Walker was so bad a*$ he better not have been a damn Illuminati sacrifice. How could one do that to someone like him.

  8. R.I.P Paul Walker. One day Illuminati will fall I just hope he went to Heaven and not Hell but idk what to think because if he was sacrificed for Illuminati then he had to have something to do with them to some extent which would mean he went to Hell.

    1. He did state that he converted from Mormonism to Christianity…it he truly accepted Christ as His savior…then He is in Heaven!

  9. Paul Crouch also died today but the media is so focused on Paul Walker. RIP to the both of them. What seems to be fishy to me is that TMZ leaked it before happening. Was the mistakes of leaking too early truly just a hoax or a mix up?

  10. He did state that he converted from Mormonism to Christianity…it he truly accepted Christ as His savior…then He is in Heaven!

  11. wtf is this BS, this site is sucks, f*ck all your conspiracy he is f**kin dead, what benefit can illimunati can get from it, u are bunch of idiots

  12. @ebenizinami , you’re the idiot. Stop being so narrow minded and blind and open your eyes to the truth…once you do all your research about the “illuminati” than you can say whatever you want…too many people are blinded by this. Wake up!

  13. Paul Walker actor name Brian in ff movie but Family Guy Brian died by car crash but it is same name Brian it could be dangerous name to kill by car.

  14. Calling conspiracy theorists, ‘idiots’ just because ‘conspiracy theorists’ are much more intelligent than other people; is kinda ‘sad’ and ‘low’…

  15. @ebenizinami if the illuminati is real and they did this the benefit of doing it is the entire country is blowing up social media, tv, internet, everything you look at is paul walkers face. If the illuminati is real the media is a huge part of their organization and they will make a lot of money off of this

    1. Does anyone use punctuation or check spelling these days? I can hardly understand what most of you are saying . And you all have life’s answers? This world is F*cked

  16. I think that this was a horrible event. You say that Paul Walker was the driver and other MEDIA outlets say he was the passenger. This causes one to questions whether something is being hidden. I believe that Paul Walker was the driver. In the video where the people found the burning wreckage, you can see car pieces and circular tire imprints in the road, like someone was doing a donut. It would be easy for this accident to happen if a person was driving a car they were NOTt familiar with. These little cars are NOT made for everyone to drive and these cars are NOT survivable in an accident.
    This was a small accident with a little tree. So someone needs to check this area for video cameras to see if donuts were being performed, drifting or even racing. Whose to honestly say that secret society that everyone knows about needed a Hollyweird blood sacrifice. I think that because the fire was so intense that people feel that Satan or the Hidden Hand was actually responsible for this. [RIP Paul Walker and Roger Rodas].

  17. I have a different theory I believe he faked his death, the government and some private company have a facility somewhere on this planet most likely underground heaven for wealthy people who want to escape their life and pay this people to fake and engineer their death, do you notice like Michael Jackson he died right before his movie was released then the movie made a ton of money, same here fast and the furious 7 will make a ton of money because he is dead, most of Paul Walker’s scenes had already been shot, Many expensive action sequences appear to already have been shot with film originally due for July release. Funny how this guys finish the movie then die just like Michael Jackson when it comes to humans there are no coincidences never everything is planned.

    1. In answer to your comment, why would he fake his death and put his daughter and family through such pain? The police reports and friends are saying both Paul and Roger were in the car and that their bodies burnt beyond recognition. What I would like to know is what will he benefit from all of this, if it was not Paul in the car for arguments sake, then who died in the car with Roger?

  18. this is so said i dont want to belieave he is dead. i will alwas see the movies now and latter when i am in heaven with him. hope he started another move already.

  19. Paul Walker played Brian O’Conner in The Fast & The Furious. Brian O’Conner = 13 characters. ( Including the ‘ )
    13 is one of the most important Illuminati numbers.
    The accident occurred on 30-11-2013. 30 + 11 = 41. Paul Walker would have been 41 if he was not killed. 30 x 11 = 330. 33 is the most important Illuminati number.
    30-11-2013 was on a Saterday. Saterday is a corruption of Satansday. Sater = Satan.
    Saterday is the 6th day of the week. 6 is a satanic number. (666).
    The accident occurred at 3.30 pm. 33 is the most important Illuminati number.
    In numerology every character has a number ( as A=1 B=2 C=3 etc. )
    Paul ; P = 16 A =1 U =21 L = 12. 16+1+21+12= 50. Walker = 6 characters. 50 ÷ 6 = 8.333333333. Nine threes. 9 x 3 = 27. In numerology 27 is the number of death.
    8 x 9 = 72. 72 reversed is 27.
    Paul Walker was murdered by the Illuminati. He was a human blood sacrifice.

    1. Complement ; in contemporary English Saturday is of course the right orthography.
      But the Illuminati and other secret societies have their own language. They prefer the old language. In ancient times Satur was Sater. Like Monday was Moonday.

      About the Porsche Carrera GT ; The car was burned at the front and that is strange because the engine is at the back. The car looks as it was blown up. And that’s what probably happened. Murdered by the Illuminati. Roger Rodas was an excellent driver and the Carrera an excellent car.
      Unlikely that he lost control over the car. The accident occurred at Hercules Street.
      In Greek mythology Hercules died by the stake. By flames. Paul Walker and Roger Rodas died in a burning car. Also by flames.

  20. Paul Walker was very vocal about the murder of Michael Haystings. Walker was in talks to star in a movie about Haystings and the ones in power did not want this movie made. So Walker had to be stopped. Walker was warned to stop talking about the murder of Haystings but he felt he was immune from any threats as he was a movie star. I heard this from a friend in Hollywood that has connections to someone who works for the studio that was going to make the movie. It may be just a rumor but it does make sense.

    1. Steve Troyer, what you’re saying is complete nonsense and you know that.
      You’re a liar and you should be ashamed.

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