Could November 13, 2013 Be the Night the Lights Went Out in America? Drill or Precursor?

On November 13, 2013 to November 16, 2013, the United States government is conducting a national drill revolving around responses to a nationwide power grid shutdown event.  This has been something that we the people have been repeatedly warned about.  When we say we have been warned, we are not talking about Alex Jones or conspiracy forums, but the actual government itself.  As you can see some examples of in the video below, the government has warned of this for some time, and now they are conducting this drill apparently to test our readiness for what is termed by Homeland Security as an inevitable event.

power-grid-drill-400x300The drill is called GridEx II, and for three days, it is designed to test emergency services and government operations in the midst of a cataclysmic shutdown of the grid.  This isn’t like when the power goes out for a couple of hours at your house.  We are talking about a complete shutdown where no one has power.  Transportation comes to a halt.  Communications come to a halt.  Commerce comes to a halt.  The Internet and all things cyber gone in an instant.

So, it may seem like a positive thing that they are doing.  But we at Common Sense Conspiracy want to at least point out that when the government does these big drills, often it is a precursor to an actual event, if the actual event doesn’t happen at the same time.

Remember September 11.  The real events of that day were so close to a drill run the same week that many people involved were confused and thought the drill was still in action.  When the Boston Marathon bombings happened, authorities were supposedly in a “live drill” situation that we are supposed to believe turned real in an instant.  See the connection?  There seems to be a correlation with these major drills and the real events they are supposed to prepare for coming to fruition.

So, what does it mean?  Will November 13 be the start of a real grid shutdown?  We can’t know for sure, and neither can you.  Here’s what we can be sure of.  It’s coming one day, and there is a history of these drills representing a real threat on the horizon.  So, with the drill just days away from the writing of this article, we can think about what we would do in the event that it does happen in the not-so-distant future and make sure we are prepared in case it really is “the night the lights went out in America.”