Comet ISON Predicted in Revelation?

Well, as many of our long-time readers are well aware of, each year in December, we publish our esteemed list of the Top Five conspiracy websites when it comes to being the top of the bullshit pile.  It seems that our friends at are working overtime to try to reach the top of the list this year, and they are making a good run at it.

According to the video below published by the good people at Revelation13, the much-heralded Comet ISON is actually predicted in the Revelation.  As you might imagine, this has dire consequences for our little planet and could be the beginning of the end as we know it.

Then again, Revelation13 does find a way to tie anything at all that happens to Revelation in some way.  I’m pretty sure that the good people over there could find a verse that predicted my dog’s Stonehenge-like vertical turds in the back room when I got home today a little later than usual.  So, as usual, it’s very interesting, but we post this more as an amusement than something we think really has serious verifiable merit.

Sometimes you have to be exposed to the really outrageous bullshit to be reminded of just what Common Sense Conspiracy is hoping to shield you from.  Enjoy!


One thought on “Comet ISON Predicted in Revelation?”

  1. Sorry but I just couldn’t stand listening to this moron cough into the microphone ten times a minute as well as find stupid meanings inside stupid ordinary everyday items. Like the main article hints at, people can and will find religious meanings in whatever they want to find religious meanings in. I suggest the next time this buffoon tries to make a video that he do two things….get over that damn head cold that made him cough so annoyingly into the mic and memorize his script so he doesn’t stumble and fumble and bumble his way through it. Thanks for listening.

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