Comet ISON Around the Corner — Still No Media Coverage?

Common Sense Conspiracy is always fascinated by these comets and the intrigue they inspire throughout the conspiracy world and the public in general.  Comet ISON is the latest doomsday comet to capture everyone’s imagination, and its supposed time of doing whatever mischief so many people are insisting that it will do is drawing near.  The video below addresses a question that many people do have about ISON:  why is the mainstream media seemingly so eager to ignore it?

There are two schools of thought here.  The one that most conspiracy enthusiasts are pushing is that something terrible is about to happen, but the government and NASA, as well as dozens of other international space agencies, are working together to cause a media blackout on the issue because they don’t want the general public to get wind of it, causing panic.

The other school of thought is that ISON is just another comet passing through our celestial neighborhood, and the mainstream media sees no reason to report on it because there is nothing particularly of note about it.

As for us, we say what we always say in these situations.  Yes, if ISON is on a collision course with Planet Earth, they probably wouldn’t tell us.  Having said that, there is little concrete evidence that ISON will be any bigger of a deal than its cousin Elenin, you know, the comet that had people ready to jump off buildings back in 2011.  And the day that Elenin passed without incident, all of the people pushing that doomsday wagon simply stopped talking about Elenin and moved right on to the next thing.

We suggest the rest of us do the same.  But if ISON is on the way, is there a whole lot we can do about it?