Active Shooter in New Jersey Garden State Plaza Mall — Disease or the Cure?

Just as with the Los Angeles Airport shootings a few days ago, Common Sense Conspiracy regretfully reports yet another active shooter situation in a Garden State Plaza Mall in New Jersey.

We are not going to report the news here…we don’t do that, unless there is no other alternative.

Chaos and confusion as a shooter unloads on a New Jersey mall.
Chaos and confusion as a shooter unloads on a New Jersey mall.

What we are going to do is to say that this is yet another terrible circumstance where people are locked down in a mall hoping to live, and yet, at the same time, this is another situation that is becoming all too common in the United States of America.

The Democrats hope that these shootings will spur support for gun control.  Republicans hope it will spur an uprising against the status quo or at the very least a resurgence of NRA pride.

Could it be that the only thing that these events are really spurring is indifference?  The American people are quickly becoming numb to shootings.  It no longer even attracts their attention away from their nightly diet of Duck Dynasty or Honey Boo Boo (is that how you spell it?).  And yet, we at Common Sense Conspiracy can’t help but wonder if this isn’t a good thing.

As people care less and less about the senseless butchering of their fellow man, is it not becoming less attractive for the perpetrators to commit these atrocities in the first place?  After all, if it is fame and to be remembered that they want, well, name the shootings since Newtown.  That’s just one year.

This disease is terrible, but it just might be healing itself.  As people become more acclimated to having shooters in their backyard, so does the public’s unintentional flurry of accolades on the aggressor decrease.  This could be a good thing.

Could we be seeing a day coming when the mainstream media actually prevents a murder by just being the douchebags they are?

Is there a conspiracy in New Jersey?  That remains to be seen.  If we find out that the mall just ran an active shooter drill (which has happened countless times before), we might have our answer.  Otherwise, we hope this person is apprehended or killed quickly, and we will be ready to pick up the pieces when they are gone.

2 thoughts on “Active Shooter in New Jersey Garden State Plaza Mall — Disease or the Cure?”

  1. what a load of crap the news has become we’ve been lied to non stop with these false flag events they can never get any of this stuff right. The mistake is how fast the paid actors are talking about the shooting with not stops and accuracy and talk like a new anchor. Also the gunman was a PATSY and they said he has a drug history and he shot himself in the head at one point said he wasn’t dead but now they’re confirming he is? Why so you can hide the evidence of BS. f**k this world we live in. It’s all for gun control laws this couldn’t had happen the gun laws are very strict there in Jersey 😀

  2. they can’t even get the story right. None of these stories add up. With all the smartphone cameras and witnesses, nobody knows what happened? I think there is a motive to ban all guns. I believe it was a false flag, I can smell the BS. Judge Judy once said if it doesn’t make sense its probably not true.

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