50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination — How the Media and Government is Using This Occasion to Smear Conspiracy Theorists Some More

This article is being written on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.  All over America, different organizations are recognizing this in some form or fashion, and Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton even stopped by his grave to commemorate the occasion.  At Common Sense Conspiracy, we have plenty of articles stocked up on all things JFK, but on this particular day, we aren’t going to spend a lot of time mulling over the most well-known conspiracy theory of all time.  What we want to do is continue to spread our message of how the government spreads disinformation and tries to persuade the average American citizen to believe something other than the truth.

Like anything else in a capitalist society, there have been plenty of attempts to cash in on the anniversary.  There have been tons of documentary specials all over broadcast television detailing the events leading up to that tragic day, as well as thorough analysis of the infamous Zuprader film frame by frame.  However, if you turned on any mainstream media source today, there was one common theme through all of them that is the focus of our attention today.

Whatever political affiliation the news organization might have, it didn’t matter on this one.  Every major mainstream news source had some sort of article talking about “conspiracy theorists” like they are aliens from outer space.  There were all kinds of catchy titles and slogans.  “Why are JFK Conspiracy Theories So Attractive?” read one.  “The Appeal of the JFK Assassination to Conspiracy Theorists” read another.  It goes on and on.

What are they trying to do?  Are they seriously trying to convince us that there was nothing at all to be concerned about on that day?  Not at all.  The government and its puppet, the mainstream media, have long ago given up on trying to actually convince anyone of anything about the events leading up to the Kennedy assassination.  However, they are opportunists, and they never miss a chance to try to remind everyone that conspiracy theorists are crazy, damaged people that should never be listened to.  They don’t miss a chance to remind Americans everywhere that conspiracy theorists are the “ambulance chasers” of politics and history, always looking for a great story of paranoia to attach to any major event.

It works.  The average American reads these stories, goes “those crazy kooks,” as they sip on their morning coffee, and then go on about their work day.  Slowly but surely, though, the term “conspiracy theory” becomes a synonym to crazy, ill-advised, and malicious.

So, Common Sense Conspiracy wants every one of our readers to know for sure that there is no reason to hide in the shadows.  Sure, there are crazy conspiracy theorists.  But the government and mainstream media want so badly to brand everyone of them as that, when the truth is that they only represent a very small segment of an ever-increasing population of people that just don’t believe that every little thing that is put on their spoon should be taken down without question.

jfk-limoQuestioning the official story of things doesn’t make you crazy.  After all, the same people that dismiss conspiracy theorists as being nutcases continue to allow proven time and time again liars and thieves to manage their affairs at the top of the leadership of our country.  The same people that think all conspiracy theorists wear aluminum hats are the same ones that were shocked and appalled to find out that the United States government was spying on the American people for no good reason at all on an alarmingly frequent basis.  And then, what did the mainstream news sources say?  Oh, well, if you throw shots in the dark all the time, you’re bound to hit sooner or later.  So, they got one right.

Whatever you believe about those fateful events on November 22, 1963, we just want you to know that it is all the more important on November 22, 2013 that we continue to search for the truth, not just about John F. Kennedy, but about our everyday lives under a system of government that has long ago succumbed to an intricate web of corruption, abuse of power, and routine consumption of personal liberties.  So, as we remember that day, let’s make sure that JFK’s assassination does not go purposeless.  After all, an overwhelming majority  of American citizens do indeed believe that there is more to the story than the government would have us believe, making the JFK assassination easily the most widely believed conspiracy theory of all time.

So, who’s crazy?  Everyone that’s not on the government’s side?

That’s a lot of crazy people, and the list is growing each and every day.

2 thoughts on “50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination — How the Media and Government is Using This Occasion to Smear Conspiracy Theorists Some More”

  1. I totally agree with the thesis of this article, but I totally disagree with blaming the government and “its puppets the mainstream media.” I think it is more accurate to say that the corporate elites have captured government and are using it as a puppet for their “special interests.”
    (filthy lucre). If the media does not challenge the government, it is because it is part of the same corporatocracy which controls government, by buying politicians and laws, filling the top government positions, and banning any attempts to present alternative narratives or viewpoints.

    Mussolini defined fascism as “the merging of the state and the corporations.” One way to achieve that integration is for the corporate elites to take over the reigns of government.

  2. Now that you mention it, I saw an interview with Secretary of State John Kerry being asked about the JFK conspiracy. Kerry seemed upset by the question and was unwilling to elaborate on his own beliefs.

    From information I’ve gathered, I know that John Kerry is an affiliate of the BBG Watch, which is an organization trying to keep the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act under reps. Any blogger to have mentioned this act was put on a list and sent a message basically explaining that we (as bloggers) were essentially spreading the propaganda that we thought we were fighting against.

    This link can explain more about what I mean:


    Great article by the way.

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