Why the CSC Hopes the Democrats Take Everything in 2014

So, is Common Sense Conspiracy getting political?  Of course not.  We have long held that the United States system of politics features only one party and one agenda.  But we are going on the record here today to say that we hope that the Democratic Party takes control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate (which it already controls) during the election period in 2014.  Democrats already control the presidency, obviously.

Funny...if the Democrats could take the House in 2014, maybe American could take back their country.  Just saying...
Funny…if the Democrats could take the House in 2014, maybe America could take back their country. Just saying…

Why would we say such a thing?  Because it would be the most telling moment for our cause that we could ever ask for.  It doesn’t matter how much factual evidence we bring up to show you that the two political parties in the Unites States of America are actually just one, diehard Democrats and Republicans will continue to blame the other side for standing in their way to the utopia they have planned.  However, if one side or the other had COMPLETE control and the ability to pass legislation without any real meaningful opposition, then we at Common Sense Conspiracy believe that current Democrats, after seeing the lack of change in anything, would have to admit that their political utopia still remained a figment of their collective imaginations, despite the lack of opposition in attaining their goals.

Are we picking on the Democrats here?  Not at all.  It just so happens that the current president is Democratic, so in order for this argument to hold true, we need a Democratically-controlled Senate and House.

Will it happen?  Of course not.  While the political aficionado talking heads on both sides flood the media with predictions, the reality is that neither side wants a unanimous victory. As much as they pander, they want it to remain split.

The reason is simple…if there is no split, there is no one to blame but the party in power.  And dividing the American people over issues that have nothing to do with anything has been the weapon of choice for Washington for decades.  Think about it.  While the two parties draw their lines on things like gay marriage and abortion, no one opposes the Patriot Act.  No one interferes with the war mongering.  The things that the ONE political party in America wish to go through always do and without any meaningful opposition.

If Americans weren’t divided by issues that have little political capital except that they have been shoved down their throats, they might be able to see the fallacy of the entire system.

Can’t let that happen.  The United States government’s employees may be the benefactors of the biggest U.S. entitlement program of all.