What is Dhimmitude and What the Hell Does It Have to Do With Obamacare?

Well, Common Sense Conspiracy is in overdrive today with the Obamacare conspiracy theories.  Now, don’t get us wrong.  We are on the record here in dozens of articles talking about ways the President’s ultra-controversial and polarizing Affordable Care Act is a cog in the wheel of a movement toward a central one-world government.  But we also stay true to our namesake and when things are going around that are not factually based, we are more than happy to address it.  For our readers that are sick and tired of all things Obamacare, we apologize and look forward to a day when we can get back to talking about Bigfoot and aliens and leave Obamacare in the dust.

dhimmitudeDhimmitude is a concept that is capturing a lot of people’s imaginations here lately.  It is a Muslim concept of dealing with non-Muslim peoples conquered through jihad.  Jihad, a favorite term of Muslims everywhere, means “holy war.”  So, when Muslims wage jihad against an area or nation and succeed, the non-Muslim entities are tolerated (to some extent) under the new leadership, but through the concept of Dhimmitude, they are punished for having the audacity to not be Muslim and live in an area that would become under Muslim rule.  So, as all good governments know and love, the best way to punish anybody is to take all their money.  So, Dhimmitude is just the idea of taxing non-Muslim people in a Muslim-dominated area for tolerating their existence.  It’s really a practice as old as humanity and not limited to Muslims at all.  It’s just the idea of hating a group of people and secretly wishing they could be exterminated, but realizing fully that having them around to take their money works out better in the long run.

So how is Dhimmitude being tied into a health care reform law in the United States of America, a nation that is not even remotely dominated by Muslims.  Well, to understand how this one could get started, you have to take a look at the history of President Barack Obama’s rise to the American version of the throne.  We all know the birther debate — the idea that President Obama is not an American citizen.  Many people out there (most of them decidedly of the Republican persuasion) believe that Obama is a closet Muslim and that he has some grand scheme going on under the table to turn America into a Muslim nation and surrender us to their rule.  Of course, there is little or no reason to believe this, as we have addressed in plenty of articles leading up to last year’s election.  While we suspect President Obama’s status as a Protestant Christian is probably somewhat of a political sham, that doesn’t automatically make him a Muslim.  And the idea that he would throw in a section in the Affordable Care Act saying that Muslims have sovereign authority in America and that we all must pay them a tax for allowing us to continue to live in their country is a bit of a stretch.  Okay, it’s a huge stretch.

So, for the record, the word “Dhimmitude” does not appear anywhere in the thousands of pages that make up the Affordable Care Act.  Nor do the words “Muslim” or “Islam” or “Christian” or “Buddhist.”  What does appear is a whole section referring to the ability of some people and organizations to avoid Obamacare’s regulations due to a religious exemption.  So, the closest to Dhimmitude here is that a Muslim church could attempt to claim exemption from Obamacare based on their religious beliefs.  This also can be done by Christians and all other religions, including, according to a new court ruling a few weeks ago, the religion atheism.

For us at Common Sense Conspiracy, we believe the real travesty is that there is an exemption at all.  Not because we feel that the law is so great that everyone should have it shoved down their throats, but because we feel if you are making laws that are supposed to represent the will of a nation, then why would you need exemptions to begin with?  The religious exemptions are just an attempt to appease a certain segment of the population, when it would be nice if our government made laws to try to appease all of us as a population.

But that’s just crazy talk, right?  Anyway, the only organization practicing Dhimmitude in America is the American government.  And the punishment has been severe and is getting worse.