We Have the Correct Answer to the Giraffe Riddle!

There’s nothing more terrible than having to concede defeat in the dumbest game ever by having to change your Facebook profile to a giraffe for 24 hours.  But that is the grievous penalty for answering incorrectly to the now infamous giraffe riddle on Facebook.  This thing has gone viral and people all over the world are wondering why their friends are changing their profile pictures to giraffes.

images-120Well, we wish there was some worthy cause, but the truth is that in a Gollum-esque turn, if you answer this simple riddle wrong, you have to change your profile pic to a giraffe for a whole day.  Meanwhile, a hundred children just died in Syria, but hey, you gotta live your life right?  And why live it with a terrible giraffe in place of your smiling mug?

Fortunately, Common Sense Conspiracy has your back.  Here’s the riddle that is taking the Internet by storm:

“It’s 3 a.m., the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors! It’s your parents and they are here for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open?”

The answer is simple.  It is a riddle.  It is supposed to throw you off with unnecessary details so that you are distracted from the very obvious answer.  The first thing you would answer when the doorbell rings is:

…drumroll please…


Opening the other s**t will only land you a big fat giraffe for 24 hours .


Meanwhile, the American government just did some terrible stuff that you didn’t even know was happening.

But no giraffe for you.

By the way, the riddle almost got brought to the ground by some real dorks that went a step further and said that you open your eyes before you even open the door.

Oh, you clever assholes.  No giraffes for you.

So, to recap…the correct answer is either THE DOOR or YOUR EYES.

Any other answer will put you on the zoo trip of shame, so watch your back.

The NSA is listening…

7 thoughts on “We Have the Correct Answer to the Giraffe Riddle!”

  1. Actually the answer they are looking for is Eyes…you open your eyes first.

    Good try Common Sense Conspiracy. Another wrong answer!!

      1. u didnt read the riddle…… u r SLEEPING….. door bell WAKES u up. blah blah blah….first thing u OPEN… i dont know about anyone else but when my doorbell rings i open my EYES….

  2. How do you know they want breakfast at 3am without having already opened the door to them?

  3. No eyes or door. Because clearly it stated: You wake up and see your parents at the door and they ask for breakfast.. So basicly the next thing you would open is the refrigerator for Yam and whatnot OR the cupboard for glasses for the wine.
    But that’s my thought.

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