War in Syria Must Have Been Really Cheap! We Can’t Run Day-to-Day Operations, But We Can Go to War!

Today is sickening to Common Sense Conspiracy.  We spend hours upon hours trying to demonstrate to our reader base that the so-called two-party political system in the United States is a sham and that they use a variety of issues to divide the American people to stay in power.  Well, today is the kind of day we hate the most.

Today, Democrats gloated, as if they had done something.  Republicans continued their “stand in the schoolhouse door” protest against Obamacare, whilst looking like idiots.  And in between all that, as always, Americans…you know us… LOST.

We are always the losers, and we lost again today.

Congress refused to reach an agreement, which is ultimately what triggered everything that happened today.  A government shutdown?  Their fault.  Obamacare proceeds?  Their fault.

We gloat.  They gloat.  We all gloat for ice cream.  In the end, the American people lose.

If you are an ardent Obama supporter, remember that the same administration that was totally ready to go on a full-fledged war with Syria two weeks ago is now openly announcing that the United States of America is penniless to even run its own federal government.  Damn, the Syria war chest must have been cheap indeed.  Apparently we were thinking about running the economic equivalent of the Little Debbie war in Syria.  Now, we can’t even open our national parks.  Who wins?  Well, start with those five hundred or so individuals that are still getting paid despite the government being shut down and ordinary federal employees being wageless.  Yeah, those bastards in Congress and the one that presides over them in the White House.  They still get paid in a government shutdown.  Two weeks ago they were too busy to come back from their vacation time to vote on a war with Syria.

The Democrats laugh and point at the Republicans.  The Republicans laugh and point at the Democrats.  When will the Americans laugh and point at the hand that feeds but holds us down?  When will America say enough is enough and return this to the land of the brave and the free?

Not today.