Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Suggest Martial Law as Convenient Solution to Government Shutdown

Really, it sounds more like something you would expect from President Barack Obama himself, but a lot of people are passing around the 51 second clip below of Sheila Jackson supposedly recommending martial law as a proper alleviation for the current government shutdown crisis.  We’ll let you take in the clip before we continue.

It is an interesting choice of words, but our analysis (and we like to think we at Common Sense Conspiracy are pretty reasonable) is that Ms. Jackson probably meant that Congress is spinning their wheels when they have every authority to pass something to end this mess in minutes.  The martial law reference is referring to Congress’ complete authority to do something right away.  Ironically, too many people are getting upset because they think she wants to put the country on lockdown when they really should be upset that what she is saying is absolutely true.  Congress has absolutely no reason to wait another day to do something.  The talks are useless; everyone already knows what’s up.  Any other profession out there has repercussions when people just don’t do their jobs except this one.  And don’t tell us that elections are their punishment time, because if that were true, why on Earth would Americans keep putting clowns from either of these self-serving political party farces back in power over and over again.

Martial law?  It might be an upgrade these days.  Just saying.