Satellite Orbiting Earth 13,000 Years Old? Meet the Black Knight Satellite

We are sharing this because it is a slow news day around Common Sense Conspiracy, and it is amazing how well-documented this particular incident is and yet the average American knows nothing about it.  No doubt there is a reason that space agencies and governments have attempted to quiet it down, although the fact that this thing is detectable with minimal equipment has made it impossible for them to deny it completely.

It’s pretty simple.  Before Earthlings ever put satellites into orbit, there was already one there.  Duh, you say… anything that orbits a planet could technically be considered a satellite by the definition.  But the Black Knight is special, and this video, despite terrible sound levels, does a pretty good job of explaining why.  Detected in the previous century, the Black Knight satellite really took center stage when humans made some of their first forages into space.  What do you think?  Could the Black Knight be another civilization’s Voyager II, traveling millions upon millions of miles in the vacuum of space to come to rest in a permanent orbit of the planet Earth?  Or is it just another space rock that seems to have some unusual properties?