News Anchor’s Tirade is How Every American Should Feel

One of the things that continues to sicken us at Common Sense Conspiracy more than anything is that there are still people that steadfastly believe that one side or the other in the political spectrum of the United States government is responsible for what just happened.

Democrats fiercely lash out at Republicans and how they “stood in their way” from the perfect debt-ridden but happy utopia they’ve been dreaming of.  Republicans did the 2013 version of a “standing in the schoolhouse door”-like protest of Obamacare.

In the meantime, these two political parties (which are really one and the same, as we have communicated time and time again on this website) are absolutely destroying what was once a great nation in the name of their own glorification and self-preservation.

A lot of people have been passing this video around as if it just happened.  The video is actually from a while back, one of the previous times that the government pulled this same fiasco.  However, it still rings true, and if Americans everywhere could see past their Republican or Democrat glint in their eye the way this guy does, maybe we could see a possibility for a resolution.

Having said all of that, what he calls for the President to do would most certainly result in a speedy assassination by the powers-that-be, so it is more to ask for than it sounds like in this presentation.  For Obama to villify Congress and call them out on the corruption would be practically a suicide attempt.  These people will stop at nothing to stay in power and continue their downward spiral, and no single President can do much about it.  That’s why it’s up to us, the American people, to stand up…we are the only ones that can do something about it.