McDonald’s Recommends Federal Aid to Employees Making Less than the Poverty Line

If you work for McDonald’s, and notably, if you have worked for them for a decade or more, they do understand that some of their employees are having a hard time making ends meet on their fast food salaries.  That’s why they provide a 24-hour hotline for their workers to call to help them find a way to make sure they can feed their families, go to the doctor, and just all around experience the wellness they deserve.

Ronald says "Where's the Medicaid line, kids?"  "Oh SNAP!"
Ronald says “Where’s the Medicaid line, kids?” “Oh SNAP!”

So what happens if you actually call the number?  They tell you about a variety of federal programs that can help in these areas.  Including SNAP, which is the snappy name for food stamps.  They even recommend Medicaid.

What’s wrong with that, you say, in your best Paul McCartney semi-falsetto?  Well, McDonald’s continues to reap billions in profits each year while paying longtime full-time employees abysmal rates that are actually below the poverty line.  We’re not talking about a 16-year-old kid paying the insurance on the car Daddy gave her…we’re talking about grown people raising families on wages that most of us wouldn’t even consider a worthy rainy day fund.

The problem seems to be plaguing the entire industry.  McDonald’s does get the brunt of the wrath on this, probably because they are still #1 when it comes to fast food worldwide.  The spoils of success, if you will.   However, the more you look into it, you will find that ridiculously low wages for even longtime workers is commonplace throughout the fast food and restaurant industries.

So, with all of these stomach-turning stories of fast food workers doing terrible things to their patron’s food, do we ever stop and think that maybe they wouldn’t be as likely to do these sorts of things if they were paid a more reasonable wage?  As a matter of fact, the service and quality of the entire industry would probably go up with a just a couple of lousy dollars of a raise to look forward to.

There’s two sides of every story, and we do admit that we could go on a similar diatribe that the people that find themselves in these situations don’t seem to have any ambition to want to get out of it.  Why work at McDonald’s for ten years, as the lady in the video apparently did, at a rate that won’t keep the lights on?  In that time, she could have used another federal program that is available to lower income families to educate herself and possibly find a much better position in the workforce.  It’s not like McDonald’s and other fast food companies are promising better wages are coming.  The writing is on the wall for everyone to see.

Still, think about this as we leave this topic behind for now… McDonald’s pays its employees paltry wages and then tells them to go get on federal programs to make ends meet.  Who pays for federal programs?  So McDonald’s is not only refusing to pay their people right to begin with, but they are saying that you and I and every hard-working American should pay the wage they should be getting for them.  All this while still cashing in billions of profits.

What do you think?  Is McDonald’s the bad guy?  Or do we need jobs like this to inspire people to want better for themselves?  And how does it make you feel that someone that might one day be preparing food for you and your children can’t even afford it for themselves?


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  1. It’s the market at work. People aren’t’ going to pay $12 for a happy meal, so wages are what they are. I tend to agree with the 2nd half of your piece where you point out how she could have done something about it within the past 10 years. We all are at our place in life because of the choices we’ve made. You can imagine how unpopular this opinion has been when expressed. People let their emotions get away with them, and logic goes out the window. If you want a cheap burger, then the cook who makes it can’t be driving a Ferrari.

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