Man Sets Himself on Fire at Washington National Mall — Is the Government Covering Up a Message?

Two days and two highly unusual and violent incidents have unfolded with the United States Capitol Building as the backdrop.  Yesterday, police shot and killed a woman that tried to ram through security barriers apparently heading for the White House.  A chase ensued that lead to a one-sided exchange of gunfire that left the woman dead with her child in the car.  Today, a man set himself on fire right in front of God and everybody in the National Mall.

The government is releasing sketchy details about both incidents a little at the time, and the story never seems to change much.  Just another crazy person…

Let’s think about this, though.  The shooter at the Washington Navy Yard, the other event to take place in the same prestigious area in the last month was a nutcase, according to the official story.  He thought the government controlled him with electromagnetic signals.  The lady that got killed outside the Senate Building yesterday believed that her mind was being controlled as well…by none other than President Barack Obama.  Of course, we are hearing these details not from these people, being that they are conveniently dead, but from the government’s official account of things.  Now, this guy sets himself on fire.  In a couple of days, you will hear a report about how this guy thinks he is being controlled by the government too.

Could it be that the government is trying to make us believe that there is an epidemic of crazy people in Washington D.C. that routinely go on insane rampages that don’t even show any sign of planning or premeditation?  They just snap, they just do these things, and all in the same little area, the same little area that just happens to be the heart of our nation’s government.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy have written many times about how conspiracy sites actually are the best friend of the government.  This is a classic example.  They want us to debate whether this is a false flag operation.  They want us to debate whether these people were really controlled by the government in some sinister brainwashing operation.  They want us to sit around and question the timing, question the motivations.  It helps them.


Because those crazy sounding theories are actually more palatable to the government than what might be the real message:  that people have simply had enough.

What if Aaron Alexis was tired of watching his government destroy his country one piece at a time, and at his wit’s end and so depressed he no longer cared if he lost his life, he decided to try to do something about it?

What if the lady that tried to drive to the White House was a person that was sick of the government shutdown BS and was trying to take her message directly to the President of the United States?  What if she was so depressed from being out of a job while a bunch of government cronies smoke their cigars and cash their fat checks that she no longer even cared if she lost her life in the process?

What if this guy at the National Mall set himself on fire, and somewhere on a computer or in a letter, he wanted us to know that he did it because he is trying to get our government to stop their agenda and do their jobs?  Do you think we would ever see something like that, if that were the case?

No, we’ll hear about how crazy they were.  The voices.  The electromagnetic signals.

Were these people crazy?  Most likely.  They did something that most common people deem outrageous.  Common Sense Conspiracy certainly does not condone any of these actions, nor do we want to appear as if we are trying to justify them or encourage them.  What we do want to do is ask the simple question of whether or not this is a sign of desperation?  Are their Americans so disgruntled and dismayed with their government that it is coming to this?

Has the United States government created extremists?  Domestic terrorists?  And they aren’t Arabs… they aren’t Iranians… they’re Americans.  People you work with.  People you sat by on the subway.  People that might have served you at a restaurant, checked out your groceries at the store, or gave you your cigarettes at a gas station.

Also, remember one thing that is the most damning of all about these last two incidents…

Neither one of them actually tried to hurt anyone else.

The woman that ran the barricade wasn’t on a shooting spree of innocent people.

The man that set himself on fire wasn’t trying to hurt anyone but himself.

What does it mean?  Where is it going?  And what is going to happen in Washington, D.C. next?  We want to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Man Sets Himself on Fire at Washington National Mall — Is the Government Covering Up a Message?”

  1. Why aren’t these horrific incidents worthy of the same coverage by the media when they happen on weekends as when they happen on weekdays. Maybe its because people aren’t home on weekends in front of their televisions. It makes one wonder what stories deserve wall to wall coverage and which ones don’t.

  2. Common Sense Conspiracy is well named. Much of our news is designed as a conspiracy to manipulate how we think. The horrific news incidents of last week could not be used to manipulate, thus, not much media interest. The man pouring gasoline on himself and lighting the gas to kill himself was hardly mentioned.

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