Is Elvis Presley Alive? Meet Jon Cotner

Well, how could we take ourselves seriously here at Common Sense Conspiracy if we let another day go by without addressing one of the greatest conspiracy theories of all time?  The death of Elvis Presley was one of those moments in history that just can’t help but be questioned, if for no other reason than a whole generation of women and music fans still decades later want desperately to find out it wasn’t true.  Well, ladies, Jon Cotner might be the key to proving that Elvis is still kicking and healthy to boot.

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  1. You don’t have your facts straight. I have been studying this case for over 30 years. Through President Nixon he was given an honorary badge of DEA. It was not real.He got his real DEA badge through President Carter about 6 months before he was supposed to have died and that’s a proven fact.He was never born in 1945 as you said he was.He was born in 1935.In one of his tapes that I have of him.He says he went to school with Elvis and he knew him,which I don’t believe. Much of his stuff disappeared after Elvis died.Elvis had 3 million dollar insurance policies only 2 were paid off and 1 wasn’t. Those 2 were paid off and the other one wasn’t. The Lisa Marie plane disappeared also after he died. He had a million dollars in his checking account and that disappeared also. The one insurance policy that has not been collected on is because he’s not dead. If he did cash it while he was alive that would be fraud.That insurance policy cannot be cashed until he is really dead. Through his cds I’ve learned a lot of the man. He is holding a secret.He says his name Jon Cotner is not his real name. He uses it so people can recognize him. He uses a lot of riddles to keep people guessing. I presume he’s under the witness protection that he cannot divulge his real name.

    1. Hi bill,nice to hear from someone who can use logic on this topic,have you seen the pic of jon cotner looking up he has same indentation just above left eye as elvis ,just about wraps it just up to me ,also priscilla interview with Oprah 2005 ,she says and that’s exactly what he told me the other day when replying about elvis growing up really poor

    2. Jon Cotner is not over 80 years old! He must be from around the same part of the country as Elvis to speak so much like him. Jon Cotner is much younger than Elvis would be today. It is eerie how he sounds just like Elvis.

    3. Esposito sure told a lot of stories .
      1.He said that 1977 Elvis lying bed.
      2.He said that Elvis lying carpet.
      3.Elvis fell off his porecelain thrown.
      4.Elvis dyed accidently .
      5.Elvis didn’t die from over-dose?
      6.He said al Strata went up stairs 1st.
      7.Then He ran upstairs where elvis was.
      8.He said Al called then He said he called.
      9.He said ambulance came first then he said
      That Dr Nick came first -he was confused?
      10.Shortly before Joe Died he said :
      a.He had Elvis presley note from day he died.
      b.He had hidden Elvis presley drugs (from DrNick).
      c.He had clean up the crime scene .
      (David Stanley said he clean up crime scene).
      11.Joe said he and memphis Mafia all did drugs.
      Nancy Rook said: (after Elvis gone ambulance)aunt Delta told me to come with her to clean up Elvis room and bathroom. David Stanley said he clean up drugs in Elvis room and hid them.
      (David stanley said he took up _ to Elvis )
      Elvis cook/maid Nancy Rooks said day Elvis died David there.
      August 16, 1977, David was among the first to find the lifeless body of Elvis. Elvis suffered from severe constipation that was brought about by his drug use.
      (David Stanley, is convinced that The King’s death was not accidental) THE STANLEYS :Stanley said me and my brothers brought Elvis on a tray,package,which called attack.
      David Stanley admitted that he and his brother had been partying with women all night at a nearby motel, and were passed out when Elvis died.

  2. Why doesn’t this Jon Cotner show his true image as of today 2014.And also this person who answers all for him.They call her Dixie.Why don’t she show her image.And where are they from.So many questions unanswered.

  3. The “Lisa Marie” is now part of the Graceland tour. I have been an Elvis fan all my life. I was in Memphis when they towed the plane down E.P. Blvd. I worked across the street from Graceland before it was open to the public. I’ve met all his “Memphis Mafia” guys, Lisa and Priscilla. Used to chat with Uncle Vester at the gates. Just wanted to point out that if Jon was Elvis, he would not be able to say so cause he would be admitting to publicly faking his death, which is a felony in all states.
    And he would be opening his life to the same insanity he left behind when he did fake his death.
    I’ve listened to his voice. Am a fan of his music. And I think he does have the attitude of a white boy raised in the south. The only reason I don’t say he is Elvis is that I have no definite proof video or photo of the man.

  4. The proof is just above his left eye,cotner has same indentation same place as elvis

  5. ian harrison I’m sorry to tell you that Jon Cotner had someone photoshop the indent above his left eye into the picture. I was the one that posted that comparison image on “Above Top Secret” detailing the eye indent from young to old to Cotner. At first I thought it was legit, but analyzing the image further I found that there are multiple indications that things have been photoshopped on the picture of Jon that I no longer believe the indent is legitimate, but faked.

    Jon is not Elvis, no matter how much he wants the comparison and the cultish adulation to go on. He’s a fraud and a con artist. He’s so insecure that he cannot let his music talent (or lack thereof) stand on it’s own merits.

  6. He is not a fraud .this is what he wants us to believe so he can sing under various alias, In my opinion they are 1 Ron Jesse 2 Luke Tieppo 3 Jon Burrows 4 Jon Cotner, check them out on youtube they are all the same voice

  7. I commented on a track by Luke Tieppo,he replied back ,i asked him if he was in australia,he said yes,i then asked him the time there,he said 03.11,but the time difference between U.K and aus made this time impossible,there is a min. 8.5hrs difference which would make it 04.30 as time in U.K was 8.00 pmcheckout the track And i love you so by luke tieppo,this is jon cotners face,same face as on the track Just Pretend by Jon Cotner

  8. Listen to Thomas Burrows on YouTube! This is the kings voice i am 100% sure,the pic of him with curly white hair and beard is exactly how major Bill Smith describes him in his book when a close friend saw him in the 80s

  9. I know without a doubt elvis is alive. I have listened to
    elvis for 50 years and I know it when I hear it. John cotner not
    only sings just like elvis he talks just like him too. No one
    else could have that same voice. It is definitely elvis! I hope
    he is very happy because he deserves it. He has brought me and all his fans a lot of happiness over the years with his songs
    God Bless Elvis

  10. We’ll if he is an impersonator, he is certainly the best I ever heard, it is pretty much how one would expect an ageing Elvis to sound and the sort of music I would expect him it sing and why didn’t he use his voice when he was younger, why now ? On the other hand, Elvis did not look well in 1977…….

  11. Well I know one thing this has turned many of us fans into investigators lol. Because there ARE so many argumentative situations connected with the alleged “leaving of the building.” And if it is true, he had a really good reason and I bet the government is involved. TCB

    1. I go back and forth with the alive or dead thing,as I find it very hard to believe that elvis would have hosen to die on his toilet floor with his trousers down.

  12. I have been a elvis fan sense 1953 elvis is jon cotner no one can say different also he even writes like elvis also sings and in one song he is telling lisa to email he misses her elvis was to smart to die 19777 joe espino lied all the way around about where he found him first in bed and then in the bathroom didn;t know what color of pj another thing I don’t think he wanted ginger he still was in love with Pricilla that’s what I think

    1. At the time Priscilla had the baby years aftershe had Lisa Marie, many around her said it was actually Elvis’s baby. It even looked like both of them.

  13. If it walks like a duck; if it quacks like a duck; if it sings like a duck; IT PROBABLY IS A DUCK!
    There is so much evidence here, that one could probably get a conviction in a federal court!
    However, for many out there, the only way they’d believe Jon Cotner is Elvis, is if he had his DNA tested, and fully admitted out in the open to being Elvis, with other proof I can’t think of right now lol.

  14. Elvis may or may not be alive but it looks like Jon Cotner is a fraud after all. Check out this blog that unmasks Cotner and the others involved in that “Elvis is alive” scam:

  15. Well, Elvis may or may not be alive but it looks like Jon Cotner is a fraud after all. Check out this blog that unmasks Cotner and the others involved in that “Elvis is alive” scam:

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