Is Earth’s Date of Destiny Set for 2032? TV135 Could Set the Real Apocalypse Clock

Yet another asteroid has been discovered on a potential collision path with Earth — albeit in 2032.  Discovered in Ukraine, much has been made of TV135 and the chances of it smacking into the Earth in a few short decades.  However, as you might imagine either way, NASA and other international space agencies have been downplaying the threat as no bigger a worry than some other recent “close calls.”  What do you think?  Don’t you have to figure that this is going to turn out to be true sooner or later?  But if it is, you also have to figure with that kind of warning, there is a pretty good chance of the Earth pulling off an Armageddon-like mission to divert TV135.  The scary thing is how many more are out there.  This thing was discovered last week.  What if it had been discovered this week in 2032?