Huge Historic Announcement from NASA Planned for November 13, 2013

This has been going around on all of the conspiracy forums for a little while now.  The story is simple:  NASA intends to hold a press conference on November 13, 2013.  At this press conference, a historical announcement that will change the Earth forever will be made.

Could NASA be on the verge of changing the Earth forever?
Could NASA be on the verge of changing the Earth forever?

Is it true?  Well, if it is, not one source from NASA itself could be found to corroborate it.  There is a sham website set up that claims to be a signup spot for updates about the 13th, but it is not affiliated with NASA in any way.  There is absolutely no reason to believe that this comes from NASA or that this press conference will take place.  Furthermore, on the forums, there tends to be a movement towards debating what the “historic discovery” might be rather than debating whether there is any truth to the announcement to begin with.  That’s where we come in.

Yes, it’s perfectly possible, but without any real evidence, this appears to be another rumor.  If you do a little research, you will find that these historic announcement hoaxes happen every couple of years.  Also, if the current government shutdown doesn’t get resolved soon, it’s entirely possible that NASA may not even be in operation on November 13.

Having said that, NASA has been letting out a trickle of interesting information from the Mars exploration front.  It is now clear that water not only existed on Mars, but was quite abundant and perfectly drinkable in some areas.  This is a huge discovery in and of itself, although the general public doesn’t respond to it like they would little green men.  So, while we hold that this supposed press conference is most likely a hoax, one could make an argument that NASA is slowly preparing us for a huge discovery announcement.

After all, let’s face the facts.  If there is a press conference planned with this kind of hype, it can only be one thing:  proof of life beyond Earth.

10 thoughts on “Huge Historic Announcement from NASA Planned for November 13, 2013”

  1. That’s just ridiculous!
    Just look at the WHOIS record for the domain and you’ll see that it’s fake.
    I doubt that an agency like the NASA would use a whois protection and use an address in Panama.

    The owner probably wants to collect as many email addresses as possible, so that he can sell them. Nice try!
    Beside that, why would “they” need your email address just to announce something publicly?!

  2. Yeah, a lot of my friends are talking about this too, but I am a skeptic so I did some research. I also looked the site up on WHOIS. The fact that the website was created on Oct. 1st is already a red flag in itself. And why would NASA “publicly” announce something they should not want the public to know in the first place? Wouldn’t NASA tell the public that they are going to say something in the first place? I know that if they did “discover” that aliens actually do exist, they would NOT tell the public believe me! It would cause mass hysteria! I doubt that it’s real. A lot of people believe anything they tell them which is sad because it’s important to be informative and to tell the difference between something real or something fake.

  3. The source of the information does not have to be the site. I heard at Art Bell’s show that it was the Anonymous.

  4. Well I just think that anything is possible as far as “is there life else where” my answer to that is “we are here”

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