House Stenographer Starts Yelling About Jesus Christ and Freemasons on House Floor During Government Shutdown-Related Vote

Meet Dianne Reidy, a stenographer that, according to every mainstream media source, went freaking nuts during the House vote that went on to be the final one in ending the government shutdown.  While most people are describing this as a “snap,” Reidy herself issued a written statement to Fox News where she indicated that Jesus Christ had been coming to her and preparing her for this outburst for over two weeks.

Mrs. Reidy has had all she can stand of government corruption.  And for that, she is insane.
Mrs. Reidy has had all she can stand of government corruption. And for that, she is insane.

While her methodology might be suspect, not everything she had to say was exactly, well, crazy.  The mainstream media, as is their wont, is making sure that her statement is played in such a way that it makes her look like a complete idiot.  Well, in actuality, Dianne is a well-respected figure on Capitol Hill and known and liked by many, including the politicians she was apparently lambasting in her tirade.

In an ultra-rare showing of respect for freedom of speech, Dianne was not charged with a crime or arrested, but only escorted off the premises.  As a matter of fact, they haven’t even fired her thus far.  In any case, if you want to hear what she had to say in a format where it can be clearly understood, we have you covered below.  Most of the videos being shown were pointless, as the audio was unclear.  This one, obviously recorded directly off a sound board, is perfectly audible.

What do you think?  Nuts or just tired of the bullshit?  And if she did lose it, wouldn’t listening to these bozos desecrate our nation and Constitution on a day-to-day basis for years make you want to snap too?

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