Hanna, Wyoming Throwing Fuel on Obamacare RFID Fire

There is a story spreading like wildfire on the Internet about RFID chip implantation already in full swing in the town of Hanna, Wyoming.  According to the word on the street, as they say, it is already required that all city workers receive implantation or face termination.  Also, the implant is how they enroll and prove their participation in all government-related benefits.

As you might imagine, the reaction to the story ranges from “You don’t say?” to “The Rapture has begun!”  One such overreaction is featured in the entertaining more than informative video below.

The story is completely fictional and preys on the paranoia surrounding this topic to bring in tons of visitors.  The website that originally ran (and created) the story is called The National Report.  You are welcome to look at it, but we want to warn you about what you are seeing.

Reality check:  The National Report is a satirical news site, much in the vein of a much more popular one, The Onion.  These sites write completely fictional news stories in the tried and true format so that they come off very realistic.  Usually, there are plenty of sarcastic lines in the story where most reasonable people can tell that the story is meant to be a joke.  However, sometimes they hit on a topic, such as this one, where what they think is over-the-top fooling around actually strikes a chord with a group of people that believe something like this is inevitable anyway.  So, even if you don’t think anything in the National Report’s article about the situation in Wyoming indicates it is satirical, the website does actually feature a disclaimer making sure to point out that the stories published there are not meant to be real news stories and have no factual basis.

So, the bottom line:  it’s not true.

Having said all of that, the misinformation machine takes that fact and runs with it toward the opposite goal line.  Many are using this story to jump on the idea that this is all paranoia.  Well, the Affordable Care Act certainly doesn’t mandate that one small town in Wyoming start using RFID immediately.  As a matter of fact, nowhere in the act is the term RFID or any synonym printed at all.  What is printed is the word “implantable.”  Common Sense Conspiracy analyzed in detail what this section of the ACA means in our previous article Does Obamacare Include Microchipping to Declare Eligibility?  Just because the above story turned out to be a fraud does not necessarily mean that all of the paranoia is ill-founded.  Just saying.