Government Shutdown Could Stretch to Foreign Aid — Well, About Damn Time!

The government has issued warnings that some of the foreign aid (in terms of dollars, food and supplies, and even military equipment) to other nations may be in jeopardy if the government shutdown stretches much longer.  With both sides still in a vicious stalemate with no relief in sight, both sides have conceded that it may be weeks before the government returns to normal operations.  So, according to this warning, if this happens, our foreign aid to other countries might be on the chopping block.

Okay, so now that you’ve read that politically correct version of the events…

Writing more checks we can't cash?
Writing more checks we can’t cash?

The government has issued warnings that foreign aid, which it is still currently shipping out by the millions, to other nations (both allies and enemies) could be in jeopardy if the government shutdown continues.  That’s right…even as the sides can’t agree on a budget and stall out the talks to cause the government to shut down, we still continued right on distributing millions of dollars in aid to foreign nations, none of which are currently involved in a major natural disaster we might add, with no delay.  That’s right, folks!  Even though we are having a political debate about whether to borrow more money because we are out of it, we are still currently daily doling out millions and even billions to friends and foes alike.  Meanwhile, Americans that work for the federal government are on an impromptu unpaid vacation with no idea when they will see their next paycheck.

You can kind of understand how there are safeguards to keep certain areas of the government functioning even when something as childish as this is allowed to happen.  That’s why no one is really up in arms that the military and other services continued.  But it looks like we might want to put a tourniquet on some of this internal bleeding that is going on.  Hell, we might want to stop this bleeding any old time.  Few Americans really understand why our nation continues to be so generous to other countries while there are so many problems within our own borders.  They are right to question the motivations; most foreign aid is to get something in return or to win a regional popularity contest, one that has been most successful in the Middle East historically.  After all, the Muslims have certainly appreciated our funds and supplies and just love us unconditionally in return.

The whole situation is silly and stupid enough, and then you hear the government come out with a press release that just takes the stupidity and ridiculous absence of common, practical sense to the next level.

Who is to blame for all of this?  President Obama?  The Republican Party?  Democrats?

No, it’s you and me.  Because we are the ones that line up on Election Day and allow these atrocities to continue.

Obama ’16!