FALSE FLAG ALERT: Capitol Building Locked Down — Active Shooter on Capitol Hill

Yet another “active shooter” situation in Washington, D.C., this time right in the heart of the nation’s capital.  The reports are sketchy right now, but apparently there was gunfire reported near the Hart Senate Office Building.  The situation is ongoing and there is a “shelter in place” order, including the Capitol Building.

HartSenateOfficeBuildingIt is unclear why any of these buildings are inhabited being that the government is supposedly shut down.

No doubt this latest event will come right on time for President Obama to make an impassioned plea to get what he wants from Congress.


As more information comes through, we will continue our analysis of this latest shooting event and how it relates to the other recent shootings and if there is any reason to think that there might be more to the story than what we are being told by authorities.


EDIT:  New information indicates that the shooting incident was a result of a police car chase that ended up in front of the Senate Building.  Police fired on the suspects after one got out of the car.  Still waiting for more information.  However, there are instant questions with this information coming to light.  For example, if this were true, why was most of Capitol Hill locked down?  If the incident resulted from the end of the car chase, then police must have known the incident was over at that point.  Also, there has been a constant line of emergency vehicles going to the area that is not at all consistent with the story we are being told.  More information as it becomes available.

3 thoughts on “FALSE FLAG ALERT: Capitol Building Locked Down — Active Shooter on Capitol Hill”

  1. Obviously you should pay attention to things a bit more closely. Only the non-essential parts of the govt are shut down. The other parasitic facets of our lovely system and its tentacles are still hard at work.

  2. Another Coincidence???? Hmmmmm, How convenient that something CRAZY like a woman who decides to go nuts & Charge Washington (WITH HER BABY!) DC at this hour when the King of the US is refusing to pass any measures to help most gov furloughed employees get back to work;like the parks, museums, & memorials for instance. It’s an awful convenient distraction Remember that we have no money, WERE BROKE, BANKRUPT EVEN, JUST LIKE DETROIT!!!!!! REMEMBER OBAMA CARE WAS PASSED WITHOUT EVEN BEING READ!!!!!!!!!!! THE PLAN WAS ALWAYS TO DEFUND IT!!!!!!!!!! Don’t get DISTRACTED; (This is entirely about the Obama Administration spending money the United States Can No Longer Afford). The reason Obama Care cannot pass is because the UNITED STATES MUST LEARN TO LIVE WITHIN IT’S MEANS. REMEMBER THE DEBT CEILING; YOU, ME, THE UNITED STATES,NOBODY CAN SPEND & BARROW THIER WAY OUT OF DEBT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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