Dallas Police Shoot Mentally-Challenged Individual With Knife

Well, we are always hearing police agencies shouting about how great the taser is and how it can save lives.  Well, in Dallas, the police apparently don’t have time for that kind of nonsense.  There are retarded people to cap.

Sometimes Big Brother backfires on you.  Sure, you cut the dashcams off before you shoot someone in cold blood with plenty of other alternatives available to you.  But in our society, another camera is like another gunman on the grassy knoll.  There’s always another camera shooting, and these cops should have thought about that before they abandoned protocol to take this guy out.


One thought on “Dallas Police Shoot Mentally-Challenged Individual With Knife”

  1. “Damn, there was a video. Ok, here’s what we’ll do. You go on vacation and when you get back we’ll say you followed proper procedure.”

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